Summer Holidays 2022 – Lake Garda

I’m already dreaming of the summer holidays. A camping holiday is on the list Lake Garda in Italy. Let’s just say I’ve been wanting to go back for a long time. Before corona we went camping very often (with the kids), and we would like to pick that up again. Last summer we did another test camping trip to see if it’s still fun with two kids, and that was it. We will have to reorganize and buy some new material, but I am looking forward to it.

Summer Holidays 2022 - Lake Garda

Why camping?

When I hear around in my area, a camping holiday is not on everyone’s list as the ideal holiday. I see it as complete freedom, being close to nature. You are not tied to a location and in the end those holidays are not expensive at all. Which was certainly ideal when we had just started our family.

The children are currently also big enough to walk around more freely and that provides a lot of peace and opportunities. They find friends and have the time of their lives. That means that we have some time to have a decent conversation or read a book.

Often these types of campsites are also located in a place where there is a lot to experience, so in that case it is really a win-win. I just like the peace and quiet and doing nothing, but Tars wants to see and experience something. Preferably a good walking or cycling route in the area.

How do you proceed?

First you will look for a location. Where do you want to go on vacation? My preference is for a place on a lake, river or the sea, which ensures that you can limit yourself. If a campsite also has a swimming pool, that is always a bonus. Usually we head south to find the sun. And then see what you prefer. There have also been times when we close our eyes to indicate a place on the map.

This year it was not so difficult to choose. Since we’ve been wanting to go back to Lake Garda for a while, we looked for one campsite in Italy. There are a lot of options there, because of course it is a popular place by the location.


To be fair, we still have a lot to figure out. Now that we know that we will be camping more often with the family, we would like to provide sturdy and reliable material. And that requires research. We still have a few months to figure it out and you know me well enough to know I’ll be back here with a blog on the materials when we do. If you have tips (especially in terms of sleeping comfort), you can always share them.

I’ll do some more googling then.


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