Strava brings Spotify integration to app: also for free users

You can now use Spotify directly from the Strava app. It is a useful addition that is added not only for paying users, but also for free users. Controlling your music while exercising is made even easier with this.

Spotify integration into Strava

Sporty users of the sports app Strava get a new feature in the application. From now on the Spotify integration will be made available. Good news for the users who want to enjoy their music while exercising. The feature will be available to every user, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a paid or a free membership at Strava. Once available, you can link your account, after which you can immediately control the music player, without having to switch between two apps.

Strava Spotify

The Spotify integration in Strava makes it possible to listen to your favorite music, playlists and podcasts. The function can be used immediately when you are in the Recording tab in Strava. There you will see a music note, after which you can get started with Spotify. Premium users of the music service can use even more functionality, such as curated playlists and starred songs. Free users will then also hear the advertisements.

Good to know is that the Spotify integration for Strava does require an internet connection. So you don’t have the option to listen to music or podcasts offline. The rollout of the feature will start from now on, but it may take a while for every user to see the feature in Strava.

Strava: running and cycling
Strava: running and cycling

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