Straight eyebrows are the biggest eyebrow trend of 2023

Eyebrow trends come and go, but some will stay on your face forever. So be careful what you just do with your eyebrows when a new trend comes around the corner. Fortunately, the latest eyebrow trend of 2023 is not that drastic. Soap brows currently have to make way for straight eyebrows.

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Eyebrow trends

The internet is full of trends. In the field of food, body care, but also in the field of beauty. For example, because of TikTok we know exactly how to get a nice tan without having to lie in the sun for hours and how we can make our own rosemary oil that makes your hair grow incredibly fast.

If we zoom in on the various trends that pass by, it can be seen that the eyebrow trends in particular shock us the most. Not surprising, because some eyebrow trends are quite drastic. That’s how Bella Hadid was all the way obsessed with 90’s skinny brows and she and her sister Gigi Hadid were also spotted with bleached eyebrows in 2022. So she really has a sense of trends when it comes to eyebrows and now it’s hit again.

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Straight eyebrows

Bella Hadid has been spotted with the latest eyebrow trend again and this time it is straight eyebrows. Bella and none other than Florence Pugh say on Instagram that they are big fans of this new trend and we understand why. It looks great on both of them. And if we see these two celebrities with something, it will become a trend anyway. So move over soap brows, because straight eyebrows are the biggest eyebrow trend of 2023.

Eyebrows naturally frame all the face, open the eyes and make you look more awake. But fans of straight brows claim that a straight brow shape takes it a step further and makes the face look tighter and lifted.

We don’t know about you, but we are fans!

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Move over soap brows! Straight eyebrows are the biggest eyebrow trend of 2023

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