‘Still steps to take’ Joey Veerman basic player in ‘his’ Volendam, Boscagli not on artificial turf

PSV will visit the Dijk in Volendam this weekend to add three points to the whole. Profit and nothing but profit is the motto in the fishing village.

Joey Veerman’s home base serves as the backdrop for the 29th league match, which can only bring PSV second place as the highest ranking. Second place has now become realistic because the competition is not very impressive. PSV plays in Volendam with Joey Veerman in the base. For a moment there were doubts whether van Nistelrooij would choose Veerman, but the midfielder is just a basic player.

The van de Kerkhof brothers think something about the development of Joey Veermen, reports the Eindhovens Dagblad. They don’t think it’s stable enough yet because there are still some steps to take. Veerman is sometimes a star, but just as often not.

“I see a fresh and pleasant lad, who can be very good on the ball and seems articulate in the team. At the same time I also see a player who sometimes makes mistakes and who is still mastering the total discipline of his position. That takes time and that is partly why he is not a regular Orange customer now,” says Willy van de Kerkhof about Veerman to the Eindhovens Dagblad.

Van de Kerkhof thinks that there is more in store for Veerman. “I had hoped that he was already a little further, but nowadays we are also quick to get impatient. As long as he remains aware of the opportunities for improvement and wants to continue investing at PSV in things in which he needs to develop. Then it will be all right. Joey Veerman can be first on the board next season, if he takes the next step in everything”, it sounds.

In Volendam, Van Nistelrooij again opts for a center with Ramalho and Branthwaite because the recovered French defender Olivier Boscagli is spared because of the artificial turf field of the stadium on the Dijk.

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