Step-by-step plan for organizing a BBQ party

Do you want to throw a nice party around the bbq? Then it is important to know how to set up this party. Of course you already have an idea who you want at your party. But what you need? How do you make it cozy? And what else is important to make this party around your barbecue a resounding success? You will learn it with our step-by-step plan.

1. Choosing the right place

If you have a garden or a roof terrace, it’s easy. However, this is of course not the case for everyone. Fortunately, when you live in an apartment you can often easily move to the park nearby. When you do this, make it a cozy corner so your guests know where you are.

2. Your own invitation

It is important to clearly show what kind of party it will be. That is why it is smart to work with your own invitation. You send it to everyone you want at your barbecue party. Also make sure that all instructions are clear, especially when you choose the park. This way everyone knows where to find you and when.

3. Shopping

What supplies do you need for your barbecue party? This is tricky. You don’t want to buy too much, but certainly not too little either. In addition, it is of course also important that you have the products that your guests like. A good guideline is: 400 grams of meat and fish, a baguette per 4 people and 200 grams of salad. You can be a little more generous with the drinks and sauces. After all, what you have left will be used in the long term anyway.

4. How do you dress it up?

Of course it is a party. So it is also nice to provide some decoration. These barbecue parties generally take place in the summer. So it is easy to work with all kinds of colors. You can also use anything. On the one hand you have the garlands and balloons, but on the other hand you can also decorate it nicely with beautiful tablecloths and nice garden cushions on the chairs. Are you going to the park? Then it is also smart to look at lighting, for example by using lanterns for this. This way you can create a nice atmosphere at your own party.

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