Start the day with a hot cup of coffee or tea

Something that many people start their day with and that many people also get a little happiness from, a delicious cup of coffee or tea. In the Netherlands we are mainly coffee lovers. On average, we drink a lot of coffee here in the Netherlands when you compare it with other countries. Many Dutch people start the day with a delicious cup of coffee from their own kitchen. Maybe you like to drink a Senseo, maybe you prefer a Dolce Gusto or maybe you have a coffee maker or an espresso machine to make your favorite coffee. It ensures a relaxed start to the day and for many people it just ‘belongs’, every day.

To be able to drink your favorite coffee or tea not only in your own home, but also on the road or during a picnic or a day at the beach, you can bring your own coffee in a thermos. Such a jug is specially made to keep a drink warm for hours. Ideal to take your delicious coffee with you when you go out. There are also thermos cups, where you can take one cup with you. Ideal when you leave home a little late but still want to take your cup of coffee with you on the road. Do you want to enjoy several cups of coffee outside the door? Then a thermos is the best solution. Thermos flasks come in many different shapes and sizes these days. They look more and more fun and cozy with beautiful shapes, details and especially trendy colors. So you don’t use the thermos for a while? Then just leave it on your dining table or coffee table because it looks very cozy and attractive!

Of course you can also keep other drinks warm in a thermos. If you prefer to drink tea, you can take nice hot water with you so that you can also enjoy a cup of tea somewhere else. And did you know that a thermos is also ideal in the summer to keep your drink cool? You benefit from a thermos all year round!

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