Start blogging: this is how you do it!

I often get told by people that they would like to blog but don’t know how to get started. A shame, because having your own blog is so much fun. In this article I would like to give you some practical tips about starting blogging. Do you want to go all out and give your blog a bang start or a big boost? Then take a look at my Boost your Blog course.

Think about why you want to blog

This may sound crazy, but the reason you started definitely influences your blogging strategy. There are plenty of reasons to start blogging. For example, sharing knowledge, an outlet, a new hobby, becoming known, getting free products or earning money.

Determine your blogging strategy

I could write whole books about strategies, but I will keep it as short as possible here. Basically, I make a distinction between two ways of blogging: for fun and to make money/get stuff. Well, I don’t think the latter is a good reason to start because I believe that you won’t last. If you blog for fun, your strategy is simple: do what you like and especially when you feel like it. If you want to blog ¨professionally¨ then you will have to take it more seriously. Write consistently, ensure good quality and invest time in promoting your blog. By thinking in advance what you want to do, when and how you want to do it, you get a better picture of your blog and what it will all entail.

Determine if your strategy is feasible

This is especially true if you want to start blogging with the goal of making it your job. If you would like to write 7 articles a week but also study and work, you will probably have to spend all your free hours on your blog. I’ve done this for years/nights and can’t recommend it at all. Be realistic and write fewer articles per week, adjust your strategy if it is not feasible. Be so realistic that achieving something takes time and effort, but don’t burn yourself out.

Choose where you want to blog

The most common platforms are Blogger and WordPress, I would definitely recommend WordPress. I’ve had Blogger for years but found the switch to WordPress a relief; so many more possibilities.

Come up with a name and buy a domain

My opinion is that it is best to start on your own domain from day 1 because it looks better. In terms of name, I would choose something that is easy to remember, has a nice mouth and reflects what your blog is about. For example, I chose Mira Tells because Mira Ennen really doesn’t have a good mouth, I didn’t know exactly what subjects I wanted to write about and because I wanted to keep the option open to write in another language. To be honest, I’m not very happy with my name, but the only thing I really like is Mira Ennen, but that is so unpronounceable and is always misunderstood.

Just start

Once you have your name and your domain, I would just start blogging. Go write some articles (don’t publish them yet) and find your own style. By writing you notice what you like and don’t like, and you develop a blog identity. For example, you will (hopefully) notice that I incorporate some humor into my texts, and that I write fairly short and powerful. A writing style is personal and everyone likes to read other styles. So do what suits you!

Read other blogs

By reading and watching other blogs, you learn what you like and don’t like. You learn things about writing, photo layouts and subjects. Of course you shouldn’t copy, but by reading many other blogs it is easier to develop your own style.

Social Media

Consider whether you want to promote your blog on social media, and whether you want to do that on your private account, or on a separate account. For example, I just use my Instagram for my blog, but I have created a separate page on Facebook to share my articles.

Don’t care about others

Don’t care about other people’s opinions. Not your problem, you’re just going to do something you like and if someone doesn’t like it, they just won’t visit your blog anyway. Blogging and building something you do for yourself, if people find stupid things about it, it says nothing about you.


Once you have gone through all these steps, and have some articles ready, I would publish them and start blogging and promoting. You can also ask people you trust for feedback, ask them to take a critical look. Negative feedback is of course not fun, but you can grow through it, so I always ask people to also mention points for improvement. Want to learn even more? Check Boost your Blog!

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