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Many leagues experienced the final round this weekend. There was little more at stake. Now we enter the period of the play-offs and play-downs where the athletes look up or down with hope and fear.

However, anything is still possible for the baseball players, their season has just started.

This and more in the sports weekend overview of April 15 and 16.

Saturday April 15

Handball (Hall)

They became champions two weeks ago. This Saturday, the men of Zaanstreek played one last game in the big league. The season ended with a win.

Contest Rash
Major class men US – HV Zaanstreek 28-29


The final round was also played in volleyball this weekend. Everything had already been decided for the Zaanse clubs.

In the Top Division B for men, VV Zaanstad is free of worries. The team is maintained.
For Compaen it is different. They finish in eleventh place out of twelve teams. Direct relegation is out of the question, but the number eleven plays play-down games after the end of the season and can still be relegated.

The play-down program for the Top Division will be played in a central hall on April 29, 2023, organized by the best number 11 of both Top Divisions.

With the ladies, Merkala Zaanstad was already relegated from the 1th division by finishing in last place. Compaen has maintained itself in the second division.

Contest Rash
Men’s top division B Compaen-VCV 2-3
Sliedrecht Sport – VV Zaanstad 3-1
1st division B (women) VCN 2 – Merkala Zaanstad 4-0
2nd division C (women) Compaen – Sliedrecht Sport 1-3

The men of Compaen can still compete in the play-downs on April 29.

Water polo

Four ZV de Zaan players played an important part in the 12-11 victory of the Netherlands over Hungary on Thursday. With the star Lieke Rogge (photo), who hit no fewer than 5, the last 3 of which in the last part. Maxine Schaap scored 1 goal. Bente Rogge and keeper Britt van den Dobbelsteen (played the last two parts) completed the four.

The fifth international ZV de Zaan player present there, Kitty Lynn Joustra, did not play in this last game. The Netherlands already qualified for the World Cup finals in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

This weekend, therefore, only men’s water polo could be seen, they played the last round in the Eredivisie.

The top 8 teams now play play-offs for the national championship. Because the Ham has finished eleventh, its playoffs will soon be played.

The number 11 of the Eredivisie and the number 2 of the 1st division compete for 1 place in the
Eredivisie in best of 3. The number 11 of the Eredivisie starts at home.

Contest Rash
Men’s Premier League Polar Bears – The Ham 16-10
ZV de Zaan – ZVL 1886 13-7

Final standings Eredivisie men, regular program.


Sunday April 16

Handball (Field)

The ladies of Zaanstreek have already played the first field match.

Contest Rash
Ladies field HV Zaanstreek – KDO 15-19


The ladies of the Kraaien played a draw at home against the direct competitor from Delft. Just like on the field, there is a division of points on the ranking. The Zaanse hockey players are now 5th.

Contest Rash
3rd class gentlemen The Crows Free
4th class ladies The Crows – Scoop Delft 2-2


The second league game for Cromtigers was lost. The Odiz Frogs have only played their first game of the league. They too lost. Coach Eric Stans of the Frogs sent us the following message:

“Odiz hits hit and miss and makes some field errors, leaving it 8-1 behind in the 7th inning. But Odiz has a very good inning offensively and narrows the lead to 8-6. This brings tension back into the game. In the 9th inning, Pirates scores 2 more runs and despite the final sprint, Odiz is unable to take the victory.”

Contest Rash
2nd class B men Our Companions – Cromtigers 18-8
4th class B men Odiz Frogs-Amsterdam Pirates 9-10


A nice home win for Zaandijk at home. The Zaanse team occupies 4th place in the ranking in the 2nd phase of the competition.

Contest Rash
2nd class north (H) Zaandijk – RC Hilversum 40-12

Agenda: Tuesday, April 18


Groen Geel from Wormer finished ninth in the Korfball league and will play in the play-downs for retention at the highest level against Dalto from Driebergen. Last Wednesday, the first game, away, was won by the Wormers. With a win on Tuesday, Groen Geel will be retained for the Korfball league. In the event of a loss, a decisive match will follow in the sports hall of Dalto. It would be nice if it wasn’t necessary and the home crowd shouted Groen Geel to victory.

Contest Time
Playdowns KL Green Yellow – Dalto 8.30 pm

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