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street palma de mallorcaThose who are lucky can find cheap airline tickets to the Spanish island of Mallorca. I found return tickets of €140 through Transavia. For that I had to puzzle a bit and be flexible. More on that later. I also rented a car and booked a hotel in Palma de Mallorca. Because of the winter season, many other places are closed in terms of restaurants, so to have some commotion I chose the big city. Finding a nice place to stay was not difficult there. In the end I opted for a hip hotel in the middle of the center with a parking space. This was somewhere between luxury and cheap. However, I saw many more beautiful spots that I could have chosen. In this blog I share 6 x overnight stays on Mallorca, from cheap to luxurious.

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Spend the night on Mallorca, from cheap to luxurious

What you ultimately choose is very personal. It will depend on your budget, your need for luxury and comfort, peace or liveliness, restaurants in the area or cooking yourself, a parking space or not and what exactly you want to do in the days you are there. That’s why I show 6 different options, all of which are fine, but have different advantages (and disadvantages).

Cheap flights to Majorca

First the flight. Most flights are pricey during the holidays, but I still found a relatively cheap flight. I had to be flexible for that: we could only leave for 4 days and I booked two one-way tickets. We departed from Schiphol Airport and returned to Eindhoven. There was no other way, there were no flights back to Schiphol during the holidays. Fortunately, the return journey went quite smoothly: from Eindhoven you can take bus 400 to the station in 20 minutes, where we almost immediately boarded the train that went directly to Delft. So no problem for us. I booked the tickets through Transavia and so I checked whether I could better book a return ticket or 2 one-way tickets to and from different cities. The latter was therefore the best option for us, we paid €141 per person for a ticket there and back.

transavia above france

Car rental in Majorca

Then the car rental. Because there were only three of us, I could opt for a small car. That became an Opel Corsa. Of course I was alone with 2 children, so I wanted everything to be well organized. Sunny Cars was therefore the best option (actually I always choose that, even if I am not alone with the children). The costs for the rental car were € 83 all-in, so including insurance, etc. The car was parked in a building across the street from the airport and we drove off within half an hour of landing. Off to Palma de Mallorca!

Cheap accommodation in Mallorca

Aparthotel Aquasol– This hotel would not be my preference, because it is located in such a mega resort and also 11 km outside Palma. It is really cheap, so if you want to go to Mallorca as cheaply as possible, then this is definitely an option. Especially with children, because there is a mega hotel.

Aparthotel Aquasol

We hostel Palma is also in Palma itself, but is really aimed at young people. You still have your own bathroom, which is nice. With a teenager this might be a great place, but I won’t choose it quickly, such a hostel. Nevertheless, it is very conveniently located: 15 minutes from the marina and the beach and there is also a disco nearby for your teenagers. Breakfast is included. Unfortunately, there is no parking space, so you have to arrange something yourself (or don’t rent a car). The rooms look fine and even have a balcony.

We hostel palma

Comfortable overnight stay in Mallorca

Casa en son Espanyolet is just outside the center, but is really a beautiful place with a very high rating. It has a swimming pool, nice rooms and an idyllic garden. Here you rent an entire holiday home, so you can also cook for yourself and then don’t necessarily have to go out for dinner. It has its own parking space, but as a small disadvantage that you are a little further from the center (1.4 km walk).

Casa en son Espanyolet

Hotel Brick Palma– This was the hotel where we stayed. It is located in the heart of the center and has a parking garage under the building, where you can park for €19 per day. Nice restaurants are within walking distance, Origen, Celler sa Premsa and Hungry gastro bar his recommendations. The hotel is a bit industrial and dark, but nicely decorated. It has a modern, hip look. The shower is nice, the beds a bit hard, but we thought it was a great spot. Certainly that the whole city was within walking distance and we had our own parking space were huge pluses. It is especially popular with young people. There is no breakfast available, only one ensaimada did you buy it at the bakery around the corner.

Brick hotel palma room brick hotel palma exterior brickhotel palma stairwell

Luxurious overnight stay in Mallorca

Protur Naisa Palma hotel– I wanted to book this hotel first, but I had waited too long and then it was suddenly full. That is not surprising, because it really is a beautiful luxury hotel. It has an Oriental look & feel, a swimming pool, spa & wellness, fitness, a parking space and an amazing breakfast. You can also rent bicycles, which I thought would have been very nice. Those who do not rent a car can arrange a transfer from the airport here, which is of course also nice. I also found the connecting rooms to be a great advantage, so you have the children close by, but still separate. Oh, and there’s a restaurant, so you don’t necessarily have to leave your accommodation after a busy day.

Protur Naisa Palma hotel

Boutique hotel Posada Terra Santa I got a tip from an acquaintance. It looked very nice indeed, but it too was full when I wanted to book it. Sorry, but I’ll keep it in mind for next time. The hotel is located in the old town and has both an indoor and outdoor pool. There also is a spa & wellness. You can also dine here in the evening. It is not a cheap hotel, but I think it is affordable and you get a lot in return. I think the disadvantage is that there is no parking space available, so you have to arrange something on the street (which is almost impossible to do in the old city center) or park somewhere in a parking garage (which usually costs about € 25 per day).

Boutique hotel Posada Terra Santa

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