Spekkie and Freckle – A detective is always on the lookout!

Spekkie and Freckle – A detective always pays attention! is one of the books from the new reading book series of; I learn to read with Zwijsen! This series is written by famous writers. Learning to read is even more fun with these books for beginning readers. Paul van Loon, Bette Westera, Manon Sikkel, Yorick Goldewijk and many more other writers contributed to the new series I learn to read with Zwijsen. We read the bookSpekkie and Freckle – A detective is always on the lookout!” and in this article you can read more about this book.

Those who read my blog longer know the story by now, but I still want to share it briefly. We know better than anyone at home how important it is to enjoy reading! Daan went to group 3 as an early student, but turned out not to be that far yet. Super sad, because reading in particular gave him a stomach ache every day. At the time, he spent the second half of the school year with the preschoolers, where he completely blossomed! In no time he started reading. This school year he started again in group 3 and what a difference we see! He now likes to read books with pleasure and is therefore happy that we regularly get a nice book to read and then write an article about it.

Spekkie and Freckle – A detective always pays attention!

Spekkie and Freckle – A detective always pays attention! is one of the books from the new series of reading books from “I learn to read with Zwijsen”. In this series you will find books at different AVI reading levels. Spekkie and Freckle – A detective always pays attention! is a reading book at AVI M4 level. We already knew Spekkie en Sproet, because we read the book Spekkie en Sproet-Thieves in the night. Daan was already enthusiastic about Spekkie and Sproet after reading that book and this new book is also very popular!

I learn to read with Zwijsen

To support children in learning to read well, publisher Zwijsen and WPG Kindermedia have joined forces. With the knowledge of the reading expert, children’s book authors have been asked to write new, exciting, funny and, above all, fun children’s books. In this way, pleasure in reading and good technical reading are combined. The books are illustrated by the best illustrators from the Netherlands and Flanders. There is a suitable book for all children: for the letter-eaters whose reading development runs like a rocket and for the letter puzzlers for whom reading is just a bit more difficult. I learn to read with Zwijsen is therefore for everyone!

What is the book about?

In the book “Spekkie en Freet – A detective always pays attention!” Spekkie and Sproet experience a new adventure. After school they go to Het Tuinhuis, that’s what the shelter is called. It is always very nice and there is a large vegetable garden. Freckle hopes he can start sowing, but Spekkie discovers traces in the earth! Something is missing and so it’s time to search!

Spekkie keeps track of everything in her booklet, can this detective solve the missing person?

Our opinion on Spekkie and Sproet – A detective always pays attention!?

Most importantly, of course, is what Daan thought of the book! As I mentioned earlier, he already knew Spekkie and Sproet from an earlier book. Daan also likes to solve a mystery himself, so the book matched his interests perfectly. Daan was enthusiastic and read the book without hesitation, which is a good sign, because reading should be fun!

And what did I think? I also really liked the booklet. It is clearly written and has beautiful illustrations. Although Daan is in group 3, he has developed a good reading level in the meantime. “Spekkie and Freckle – A detective is always on the lookout!” is a booklet at AVI M4 level and was easy to read for Daan. There were of course some challenges in terms of reading, but that didn’t deter Daan from reading and he also learned new things.

We are enthusiastic about this book and certainly about the new reading book series of “I learn to read with Zwijsen”!

“Spekkie and Freckle – A detective is always on the lookout!” to buy

Title: Spekkie and Freckle – A detective always pays attention! | Author: Vivian den Hollander | Illustrations: Juliette de Wit | Publisher: Zwijsen | Language: Dutch language | Number of pages: 40 | Edition: Hardback | Appearance: February 2023 | Age: from 7 years | AVI Level: M4

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