Sony A7000 or A6700 APS-C system camera on the go?

Updated on 14/03/2023 by Yoreh

There are reliable rumors that Sony is releasing a new APS-C mirrorless camera that focuses on photography. In recent years we have only seen new vlog system cameras, so it is high time that the photographers were spoiled again.

It seems that brands like Canon and Sony sometimes forget that there is more than just professional photographers and vloggers, the hobby photographer seems to have forgotten. But, according to Sony Alpha Rumors, a new camera is arriving in the high-end segment.

Sony A6700

The new APS-C E-mount camera could take over from the Sony A6600. The A6600 is a compact system camera for traveling, but it is now dated. The latest model from the A6xxx series is the Sony A6600.

Sony A7000

Another option is that we see the Sony A7000, with a larger body and higher price, which will pretend to be a kind of mini Sony A1.

Sony was busy

Sony has certainly not been idle in recent years and has brought many new cameras to the market. With the Sony A7R V, Sony ZV-1F (vlog), Sony FX30 (vlog) and Sony A7 IV, vloggers and high-end photographers and filmmakers are certainly spoiled for choice. Along with those cameras, new full-frame and APS-C lenses have also gone on sale.

Possible features Sony A6700 or A7000

For now, it’s just rumors and no specs have been leaked yet. However, it seems more than logical that the new APS-C system camera will have the latest autofocus techniques, menus, image stabilization and batteries.


Sony A7000?

Good for street photographers

Compact cameras with an APS-C sensor are loved by street and landscape photographers and by people who can’t or don’t want to spend money on a full-frame model. The APS-C sensor has a crop of 1.5x, which means that you are 1.5x closer to your subject.

Demand for APS-C cameras dropped

The demand for APS-C mirrorless cameras has decreased in recent years, but there is still a large group of people who own many E-lenses. The advantage of a new APS-C camera is that these old lenses fit on the mount.

Although the rumors have been going on for a long time, we hope that this time we will really see a new APS-C camera.

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