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How was your long Easter weekend? We enjoyed it very much. We started Saturday afternoon with a Historical Foodfest at the preHistoric Village. For the children it was their first visit to the museum and they were really looking forward to it. We went with two friends and had a great time all afternoon.

There is a lot to see and hear, but also a lot to do. You don’t have to ask my kids twice. Here Lise puts together an Iron Age farm with Steffie herself 🙂 Meanwhile, Quinn looks at the map to see what we can do next.

We also got hungry and how nice is it if you can sit in the sun on the terrace of the inn with something delicious?

Lise was completely captivated by writing with ink and a real feather. “Just like in Harry Potter!” Quinn found it inconvenient that he had to put new ink on his quill after half a letter…

We went to apply for new identity cards for the children. They both had to write their own names in a box. Quinn’s previous ID had a baby photo on it. It’s going fast!

Easter Sunday the children found a surprise at breakfast. Chocolate and presents!

Lise thought I deserved a little surprise too and while I was still in bed she made a scavenger hunt that I had to do when I came downstairs. I had to look for notes that were hidden around the house and finally I came across the clay hare she made at the preHistoric Village and another chocolate egg 🙂

Easter breakfasts are the best! Enjoy eggs, juices and warm sandwiches. I love it.

I rarely wear this blazer. I once bought it for the photo shoot for my business website, but it suddenly seemed very suitable as part of my Easter outfit!

I was upstairs getting dressed, came downstairs and found this. It’s wonderful that she just grabs a book by herself and relaxes with it on the couch.

We went to grandpa and grandma for the traditional Easter lunch. But before we could sit at the table, eggs had to be found first.

And then we could eat! So many goodies that I always have to choose strategically what I’m going to eat.

After such a big lunch I can always use some exercise. Lise and my brother went into the park for a game of football and later korfball (without a korf unfortunately). The weather was still nice, so it was nice to get some exercise outside.

Easter Monday we actually had nothing planned. Also tasty! After breakfast and messing around at home, my parents invited us to eat the leftovers from Easter lunch. Then we wanted to go to the large playground around the corner, but unfortunately it turned out to be closed. We went to another playground, did some shopping for dinner and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home.

The sun made me so happy that it showed itself on Tuesday! Unfortunately it was a bit less on Wednesday with a lot of rain, but the prospects for the coming week make me very happy. 20 degrees… sun… spring!

Lise has wanted to take her best friend to korfball training for a long time. Thursday was the day. He came home with us after school, we had a nice pizza and when it was time I drove the couple to the sports field by car. Hey liked it! Let’s wait and see if he wants to come along more often and maybe even want to become a member. That would be fun!

The temperature was nothing to write home about, but the wind was blowing and the sun was shining, so I thought the laundry should go outside. I always feel like a terrible housewife when I’m hanging out the laundry, but really there’s nothing nicer than laundry that has been dried outside. Moreover, I don’t have a dryer and I can do more laundry this way, so I don’t get ‘behind’ with washing as quickly.

We ended the week with a drink and something delicious at HEMA, under Quinn’s after-school gym. It was the last lesson of this round and it remains to be seen whether he wants to participate again next time. If not, I’m going to miss this regular one-on-one moment with my daughter, but of course we can go with the three of us 🙂

On to a new week. the last one before the May holidays!

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