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How wonderful that spring is coming and that it slowly starts to feel that way when you come outside! To celebrate, we went to the Goat Viewing Days at ‘t Geitenboerke in Veldhoven last weekend. Normally you are not allowed to just enter the farm, but on all weekend days in March you can come and see the goats and the newborn lambs. And as you can see, you can also cuddle them and even give them a bottle. It was a big hit with the kids and I really enjoyed it myself. We’ll keep it in!

It was quite busy, especially in the barn with the lambs, but it was a bit quieter with the big goats. There you could buy a bag of kibble for € 1 to feed them. Quinn thought that was too exciting and so was Lise at first. Quinn decided to just put the kibble on the floor. Great solution! When I showed Lise how to put the kibble on your hand and then lick them off with their lips, she dared to do it. I thought it was very cool!

We pulled the rollerblades out of the dust again. She had to get used to it, but soon went like a spear. We have agreed that we will soon go for a round together, because my rollerblades are also gathering dust here. Very excited to get back on the road with it.

On Sunday the weather was less good and we spontaneously decided to go to a cinema. Those relax chairs at Pathé are really great. By the way, we went to De Puss in Boots 2. Nice movie!

Just a game of Spookslot before going to sleep, we thought. I had forgotten that building the game takes a bit longer than playing it. But it is worth it, because it is very fun and exciting!

This week I started at my new job! Yes, I started working partly as an employee again and now combine that with my freelance writing work from Tekstalent and my blog. I will share more about it soon, but the flowers I received on my first day at work certainly deserve a place here. It was a warm welcome and I started this new challenge with a very good feeling.

Tuesday afternoon was another swimming lesson afternoon and this week a very welcome moment to recover from all the hectic pace of working and racing back and forth while enjoying a fresh cappuccino.

Of course I went to the polls on Wednesday.

On Friday, Quinn was finally allowed to go to school on his own bicycle. I managed to postpone it for a long time because I find the way to school quite busy at two points, but he wanted so much and is also ready to start cycling himself. We just leave on time and take it easy. At least he has proven that he can 🙂

Quinn goes to the after-school gym for an hour on Friday afternoon. I always go into town or to the library with Lise. Last Friday we had a mission: to score new sports pants and a new sports vest. Both succeeded 🙂

And so the work and school week turned into the weekend again. On to a nice new week!

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