Snapchat streak gone? 5 tips to prevent (and recover)

Hearts, stars, a baby, a smiling doll. All emojis you can find on Snapchat. But there is only one that really matters: the flame. Is your Snapchat streak gone? Do not panic!

The Snapchat streak: what is it?

For the avid Snapchat user, the Snapstreak is a famous and infamous phenomenon. It is often the thing that the entire conversation on Snapchat revolves around. So extra acid when your Snapstreak is gone.

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When you have a very regular conversation with someone on Snapchat (including Snaps!), you will get a flame with this conversation over time. In addition, a number will appear, this number indicates how many days you have already Snapped and therefore maintained the Snapstreak.

How to get back snapchat streak
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The snapstreak emojis

As mentioned, you get a flame (🔥) when you create the Snapstreak. You are then snapping together for three days. Every day the number next to this flame adds up, it indicates how many days you are active together.

If you are a bit late with Snapping, but still within the period that is there to maintain the Snapstreak, an hourglass (⏳) will appear next to the flame. Reason for slight panic, so quickly send each other a Snap!

Are you doing really well and tapping the 100 days, you get a 100 sign (💯) at the flame. On a roll!!

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How does a snapchat streak start?

The Snapchat streak is actually nothing more than the series of days in which you send Snaps with a person. This is therefore created by both sending a Snap to each other every day. So it really works both ways, you will have to be active in both.

Fun with friends. Staying in touch online is of course ideal, but nothing beats a pleasant evening together! These questions to ask friends will make you get to know your friends better than you ever expected.

So a snapstreak is fun, but only do it if it’s you no stress gives!

NB! There are still a few rules attached to this. Not everything counts towards the streak you have with a friend. Before your Snapchat Streak is gone, keep the following things in mind.

Chatting itself does not count. So you can type for hours in the chat to each other, as long as you don’t send a Snap every now and then, your series will still disappear. Shame!

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Even if you are in contact via a group chat instead of personally, this will not count in the series and your Snapchat Streak will be gone if you are not careful. No matter how many Snaps you put in there, you can only keep the streak by Snapping with a participant in person.

In addition, it is also important to share memories. It’s super fun to see what you shared with each other last year (or earlier years), but it doesn’t count towards the series. You will really have to take a photo via Snapchat on the day itself and send it to each other.

Why is your Snapchat streak gone?

Have you lost the series? Super bales! This means that you and your friend have not been active enough on Snapchat together. When the hourglass appears you are almost too late.

The bland thing is that the Snapstreak only remains if you both send a Snap to each other every day. Even if you send a hundred to the other person a day, as long as the person does not return a Snap within 24 hours, you will lose the series together.

Keep Snapchat Streak

How do you make sure that Streak is preserved? There are a number of things that can help you!

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1. Consultation

Make sure you discuss in advance with the person you Snap with that you are very driven to keep the Snapstreak. This way you can point this out to each other and you know whether the other person is just as motivated as you.

2. Pay attention to holidays

Especially during holidays and birthdays, sending a Snap is sometimes forgotten and the Snapchat Streak is gone for many people. Not surprising, the rhythm of your day is completely different. So try to take a fixed time on such days, for example when you get up or before going to sleep (or both of course, extra safe!).

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3. Fixed rhythm

As already mentioned, on ‘normal’ days you probably have a fixed rhythm. Schedule times when you open Snapchat and get to work. This can be after brushing your teeth, when you are on your way to school or work (by public transport of course) or when you have a relaxing moment after a meal.

4. Help each other

Do you know of each other that you really don’t want the Snapchat Streak to go away? Help each other remember! If the notifications on Snapchat are not enough, you can always send each other an app or call each other. Still cozy too!

Get your Snapchat streak back

Despite all the effort you put into it, it can still happen: you have lost your Snapstreak. It takes a bit of work, but once the Snapstreak is gone, it may still be recoverable.

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Via Snapchat Support you can indicate that you and your friend have lost the series. They will then contact you and ask you about a number of things such as your username, email address and who you had the Snapstreak with.

Snapchat is usually not difficult and will give you back the Snapchat Streak. Here is an example:

Don’t lose Snapstreak?

Remember that every Snap counts. So you don’t have to do a whole photo shoot every day and get the most charming photos. An empty photo, a photo with your hand in front of the lens or a photo of the sky is enough.

How do you ensure that the Snapstreak is not lost? Let us know in one comment below! We would also like to hear from you if you have experience with retrieving your Snapchat Streak.

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