Smartly renovate your house into a smart home

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Posted on 21-01-2023

Average reading time: 3 minutes

When you think of a renovation or renovation, the first thing you probably think of is insulation, underfloor heating or adding an extra room. Have you also thought about ‘building’ a smart home? Even if you don’t go hacking and breaking, you can make every home or apartment smarter. From the lamps to the heating and the window decoration. You can read how this works and what you need on this page.

Grow smart

A house is real estate. There are movable items in that house. This is the separation between fixed parts of the house and separate parts. For the most part, home automation will fall into the second category, but smart technology should not simply be seen as a separate part of the home. If you are going to renovate or renovate, you can, for example, add a power group or pull cable ducts. This way you prepare the home for smart technology and you can scale up later. It does not matter whether you want to start with home automation or whether you want to convert the entire house into a smart home, with Somfy products you can lay the foundation for a house that does what you want and when you want.

How do you build a smart home?

You build a house with stones and other materials. You build a smart home with hardware and software. You can consider the Somfy TaHoma Switch as the foundation of a smart home. This is a router that is connected to the internet connection, with cable or wireless. You install the app and now you can add products and services according to your own preferences. The smart router is the central hub, the digital brain where everything comes together. What can you automate?

  • Relief
  • Window decoration
  • Heating
  • Security
  • Sun protection
  • On the Somfy website you will find products ranging from smoke detectors to motors with which you can transform a standard curtain into smart window decoration. Can you measure and hang yourself? You can buy customized roller blinds that are equipped with a Somfy motor. This means that you can easily link the window decoration to the rest of your smart home. Where do you start and where does it end?

    Electric or automatic?

    You can switch on a lamp with a button, with an app, a timer or with your voice. However, if you connect a light sensor to the lighting, you can have the lights turn on when the sun goes down. You can then link the lighting to the window decoration again, so that the curtains close automatically in the evening and open in the morning. That is real home automation, solutions for which you do not have to take any action yourself. Why is it important that the lamp is switched on when you are not at home? For example, because the house then looks inhabited, which can discourage burglars. All kinds of links are possible, for example a smoke detector that informs you outside the home via the smartphone. And with the IP camera you can immediately take a look. By setting scenarios once, you can have a home perform actions automatically.

    When renovating, think beyond bricks, paint and wallpaper and also look at the possibilities of turning it into a smart home.

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