Six advantages of digital time registration

Six advantages of digital time registration

Many companies consider it important that all employees register the hours worked. Hour registration makes it clear how long someone has worked and this can be registered per project or customer. With this information you can, for example, easily make future plans. Some employees forget to register hours or put it off until the last minute because they find this not a fun and sometimes unnecessary task. It is then a good option to digitize the time registration, because this has many advantages. Curious what these are? Then read on quickly.

1. Simple and fast

The digitization of time registration ensures that employees quickly and easily keep track of the hours worked. As a result, employees are less likely to postpone time registration until the last minute. Hours can be entered directly, giving you a clear and accurate overview of the time registration.

2. Precision

Digital time tracking offers an accurate way to record hours than traditional paper methods. It uses automated systems and mobile applications to increase the precision of registration.

3. Convenience

By means of digital time registration, hours can be registered where and when you want. So do you work from home for a day, at a customer or, for example, from abroad? No problem! In most cases you can easily register your hours anywhere using your mobile phone.

4. Clear overview

Digital time registration makes it easier to get an overview of the hours worked, because everything is stored centrally and can be consulted quickly and easily. For example, you can easily gain insight into the hours worked per employee, team, customer or project.

5. Fewer mistakes

5. Fewer mistakes

With digital time registration, errors are reduced, because the registration is automatically processed and calculated. This reduces the chance that wages are not paid properly and improves the accuracy of the reports.

6. Better control

Digital time registration provides real-time insight into hours and costs, enabling better decisions to be made about staffing and the company’s cost-efficiency.

Arrange your time registration at TimeChimp

Do you want to digitize your company’s time registration? Then TimeChimp is the right place for you. TimeChimp ensures that you can keep track of your time registration anytime, anywhere, wherever and whenever you want. You are therefore assured of a correct administration, without spending a lot of time on this. In addition to registering hours, you can also keep track of journeys and expenses. You get a maximum overview with minimal effort.

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