sexy story: sexting in the train

Just as I slam my bag into the corner of the only free bench, I feel my phone vibrate in my jacket pocket. When I look around I see that everyone is absorbed in their own phone. Zombie Nation in full swing! So who am I not to participate.

I plop down on the couch and grab my phone from my pocket. Mark’s name flashes on my screen. He says he enjoyed last Saturday and asks what I’m doing. It sounds very exciting, but Mark is mine fuck buddy. You know, the date that was very nice, especially very exciting, but certainly not going to end in a deep relationship. Fortunately, we agreed on this fairly quickly and are something for us awkward moments spared.

With a grin on my face and a head full flashbacks I answer his message. I can’t help it, but my most naughty side immediately comes to the surface again. I tell him that I also enjoyed it, that I just got on the train and to conclude I let him know that I look forward to the next moment when he dives between my legs again.

As I expected, I got a bite. Mark sends in no time a message back to tell in scents and colors what he plans to do with me next time. I’m smiling at my screen like a man possessed and I notice that my body is immediately a few degrees warmer.

My brain plays a kind of slide show with images that crackle through my body like electric shocks. I feel instant wetness in my panties. As the train rumbles along the track and bumps back and forth every now and then, I receive the most exciting messages. And then finally… a picture.

My mouth is dry as a bone and my throat is a bit chapped when I sneak the spicy Mark view’s photo. He certainly doesn’t waste any time and shows me how he has stretched out in front of it and has his boner in his hand. According to his messages, he imagines that I am very close to him and it is my fingers that are tightly wrapped around his inches.

I grab my bottle of water from my bag and take a quick sip. The path that the few drops take through my body can be followed closely. As if it keeps cooling my body a little further. With the next sip I notice that my legs have been pushed very tightly together and I try to pay attention to my breathing.

Okay, here we go.. The message I knew was coming. He asks if the toilet is free and what the chance is that I will show him how his favorite spot is doing. My heart has taken on a rhythm that can’t be healthy for anyone and I look around me caught. Diagonally opposite me is a handsome figure, he looks up and smiles at me. Kind of naughty, like he knows what I’m doing. Furthermore, everyone is still diving into their own screen. I check quickly along the benches how busy it is.

There is no one at the toilets. I nervously pick up my bag, lift myself from the bench and then walk towards the doors. Once in the toilet I send a picture of the area to tease. He laughs and is almost proud that he got me this far. Which is also a good thing, because I didn’t expect this myself.

Another photo, this time of his shiny head. I bite my bottom lip naturally and silently pray that it won’t be long before I can close my mouth around it again. I toss my bag in the corner, dump my coat over it, close the lid of the toilet, and playfully lower my hand into my bra. A photo of this scene will be sent in a moment.

Shit… a voice memo. Mark panting asks if I want to go a little further. As if he even needs to ask, we’ve gotten too far into this game to backtrack now. I turn my phone in the direction of my pants and film how my hand wanders to the edge and slides effortlessly into my pants.

I can’t deny that I really enjoy the tension that this entails. My nipples are poking hard against the inside of my bra and my insides seem to tingle. An uncontrolled and excited laugh rolls over my lips and I wait as patiently as I can to see what Mark’s reaction will be.

Hmm.. he is also sending a video now. He has started jerking himself off and I can only think of one thing to do; I lower my hand further into my pants, brush aside the dust of my panties and bury my fingers deep between my legs. It feels warm and everything fucking wet.

I position myself in the most flattering position to take a picture of it and give it a good idea of ​​what I’m doing. Just when I let my fingers slide in and close my eyes to fully enjoy it, the door of the toilet pops open.

Shit! How could I have forgotten to lock the door behind me. With a caught face and my hand still buried deep in my pants, I look into the face of the handsome appearance that has spotted me before. His eyes are deep blue and seem unwilling to look the other way.

Before I know it, he steps into the small toilet cubicle.

This story will be continued on April 30.

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