Sex on vacation is the most amazing sex you can have

Booked vacation? Then you’re not only waiting for a great time on the beach with delicious cocktails in your hand, it’s also the time to get back on your feet – daily. Many people enjoy having sex on holiday and there are reasons for that.

Sun on your head, a beautiful summer outfit and you are ready for a romantic evening with you foliage on the beach.

Why sex on vacation is so great

*books several sun holidays to Italy*

1. The temperature continues to rise

Because that warm weather really does something to your horniness. Preferably you jump on your love 3 times a day. He probably doesn’t mind. But seriously, heat really does something to your libido. This is because we associate both warmth and sex with an intimate feeling.

2. No stress from home for a while

When you go on holiday with your lover, you finally leave all the stress behind. Stress from exams to be passed, deadlines at work or something else. At least that seems to have disappeared completely on vacation. This makes you feel a lot more relaxed and you only have eyes for each other.

3. Sex in a new location

Over time, having sex at home can get a little boring. It usually comes back to the same positions in your bed. Since you are in a whole new place on vacation, it can be extremely exciting and exciting to have sex in other places.

4. Holiday flame

Sex with a holiday flame is often incredibly intense. You hardly know each other, know that you will also leave each other behind if it remains purely with sex. This opens the doors to let loose and try everything out together.

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4 reasons why sex on vacation is much better than sex at home

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