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A smart pot will help you if you love plants but don’t have much time to care for them. They are also very useful for those just starting out in the world of gardening.

Latest update: April 12, 2023

Smart plant pots? Yes, they really exist and they help us take care of our plants and make sure they grow strong and healthy. While it may seem like something from another world, we honestly have to admit that it was an invention that was to be expected. Technology has permeated many industries and gardening would be no exception.

In this article we will tell you exactly how smart plant pots work and what the advantages are compared to traditional plant pots. Do not miss it!

Smart plant pots: how do they work?

Smart plant pots are a recent invention that help make plant care easier than ever before. This device is ideal for those just starting out in the world of gardening and for those who love plants, but have little time in their agenda.

Depending on their cost, smart plant pots have different functions. However, we will now tell you about the most common and popular ones.

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Measuring and controlling light and temperature

Smart plant pots control the light plants receive and use it to balance their temperature.

In addition to determining their water needs, smart plant pots have sensors. This allows them to measure and control the intensity of the light to which the plant is exposed.

In the same way their average temperature is regulated so that it is suitable for growth. For example, it is possible to know via a smartphone application when it is time to move the plant, so that the light does not damage it or, on the contrary, guarantees the necessary amount.

There are models that have brightness sensor with LED light that turns on and off go to the spectrum of light to be supplied to the plant on a certain moment need. It is an aid to photosynthesis. As scientific studies confirm, this type of light accelerates various developmental processes.

Automatic watering

For those who have plants, watering is important but difficult to arrange. If the exact amount of water is not determined for each specimen, there is a danger of overwatering or dehydration due to lack of water.

Well, smart plant pots have a very useful function which is to control watering. It turns out that this invention it balances water consumption and regulates the moisture content of the substrate. All this, with the aim of maintaining precise levels for the species that live there.

These pots have a water reservoir that is usually about 5 liters. This amount can be enough to ensure the well-being of the plant for several weeks. You can control the above functions from a mobile application.

Analysis of the nutrients of the substrate

The smart plant pots register the fertilization rate, ie the indicator of the substrate’s nutritional conditions. Like this the gardener knows exactly when to apply fertilizers and what specific properties they must have.

Provides plant care tips

By storing and recording relevant information, send the pots useful tips for the owner to learn how he its plants can take better care of. Relevant notifications are sent via mobile phone. Those starting out in the world of gardening can take the recommendations with them to apply them to other plants grown in traditional pots.

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There are smart plant pots for hydroponics

The smart pot is controlled by a mobile application that sends notifications about the care of the plant.

Hydroponics allows you to have different types of plants without using soil. It can be said that the substrate of the plant is water. It Is however necessary to provide the liquid with the optimal nutrients, so that the plants can grow healthily.

Since this technique has become very popular, there are also smart plant pots that are already designed for hydroponics. Depends on the level of artificial intelligence there pots that have a system of LED lamps.

They contribute to faster growth. In doing so, you should avoid cumbersome changes of position depending on natural light. This is an important contribution to growing plants in water.

Can you adapt a traditional plant pot to be smart?

We have to admit that smart plant pots are expensive. Depending on the model and level of artificial intelligence, they can cost $100 or more. Given their high price, there are those who wonder if it is possible to convert a traditional pot into one of the ones mentioned, at a lower price. The answer is yes.

Some devices can be placed in the substrate to control the mentioned aspects. Think of things like humidity, temperature, nutrients and lighting. The information is provided to the gardener through an application that works through a bluetooth link. Perhaps also interesting for you

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