You want to put the spotlight on your company, but you don’t quite know how to do this. There are so many different options when it comes to advertising that it can be difficult to make a choice.

The options can often be categorized into two main options: search engine and social media advertising. In this blog we put the two against each other, so that you can make the choice. What are you going to outsource ads to?

Search engine advertising

When we talk about search engine advertising is the first thought that many people have
right that we are only talking about Google. Not surprising, Google is by far the largest search engine
that the internet has to offer. When you advertise here, make sure you’re at the top of the
results of a specific search is displayed, making it easy to respond to a query
target group that already shows interest. By smartly choosing which keywords you use
used, you make sure you outsmart your competition, giving you a large target audience

But, search engine advertising is not just about Google. A major other player in the field
of search engines is Bing, which also has an excellent market share through their partnership with Microsoft
to have. Although Bing has a smaller number of users than Google, this does not mean that you are here
target audience is not found. In fact, since the competition is less present, this is possible
be a smart investment.

Social media advertising

If you want to advertise in a different way than via the standard text ads from Google or Bing,
then it is possible to advertise visually via social media. This is the biggest advantage right away
social media advertisements: visual advertising triggers the viewer faster, which increases the chance
that the time is taken to see what the ad says. The downside to social media
advertising versus search engine advertising is that the viewer is not guaranteed to be interested,
which could make your ad less effective.
You can advertise via social media in various ways:

  • Via photo on Facebook and Instagram

  • With video via TikTok

  • Inspiration via Pinterest

  • Business via LinkedIn

The possibilities with social media are endless! Know your target audience by doing research
you know exactly where to find it and what kind of content they would like to see. This is how you put the spotlight
on your company in a unique way!

Dare to combine!

The great thing about search engine and social media advertising is that they can also work well side by side
to exist. By working with an online marketing agency you ensure that you work according to
a striking strategy, which makes it easy for you to work towards your goals. Connect with Traffic
Today and experience it for yourself!

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