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Review your home insuranceThe municipal taxes have fallen on the doormat again and since they are related to the current WOZ value, I am again very aware that I must have good home insurance. You always think that nothing will happen to you, but unfortunately reality sometimes proves otherwise. You home insurance a good look at it again is therefore not a superfluous luxury. In any case, it is wise from a cost-technical point of view to review all your insurance policies once a year. Reviewing your home insurance should definitely be on your to-do list this month.

Review your home insurance

Maybe you’re wondering what to look for when vetting your home insurance? For example, check whether the insured amount is still high enough. Suppose your house catches fire, can you have it rebuilt for its current value? Or are you short and your insurance will pay too little? Our WOZ value had risen more than a ton, so you have a problem if you don’t adjust your home insurance. Also applies to your household effects. If you have made expensive expenses this year, for example new laptops or a new interior, it is useful to take a look at that as well. Who knows, you may be underinsured.

Everything becomes more expensive

Apart from being under- or over-insured, there is another reason to take a good look at your home insurance policy. In a time of high inflation, when everything becomes more expensive, it is nice if you can save on your insurance. Compare different providers with each other and check whether you can go elsewhere for a more favorable price.

Fire, it can really happen to you!

A fire can cause a lot of damage to your home. Both by the fire itself and by extinguishing it. I have acquaintances that it happened to, their whole house was on fire. Horrible. Fortunately, everyone came out unscathed, but their apartment was destroyed. They couldn’t even live in it again. They spent no less than 6 months elsewhere, while the damage was repaired in the meantime. Fortunately, they were well insured, because it was already a stressful situation enough. If you are also worried about money, then it is very difficult. I learned that something like this can always happen. Even if you don’t think so. They had a short circuit in the meter box. A neighbor of mine once did something stupid himself in the crawl space in the attic, which caused a fire. And I once had a tea light catch on fire. Fortunately I was able to extinguish that very quickly and there was no damage, but it was a shock! Just 3 examples that I have experienced up close in the past 10 years.


Checking your home insurance is therefore undoubtedly wise. Check what is reimbursed and up to what amount and also compare amounts with each other. Who knows, you may find it cheaper or you have better conditions elsewhere. Anyway: make sure everything is well covered, because no matter what happens: money stress is terrible and that’s something you don’t want to worry about in case of calamities!

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