Saxifraga Touran Pink – Saxifrage: care and location

Saxifraga Touran PinkSaxifraga Touran Pink or Saxifrage is a beautiful evergreen plant suitable for the rock garden or border. Stone break flowers long with many small ones pink flowers. Read here about the care, location, flowering and where you can buy the plant.

General information Saxifraga Touran Pink

The plant is hardy and grows up to 20 cm high. The plant has a compact shape and if you plant them in larger quantities, the plants together form an evergreen cushion-shaped carpet. Saxifraga Touran Pink is suitable for the rock garden and also looks great on the border edge. Plant 5 pieces per linear meter.

Location Saxifraga

Saxifrage likes to be in partial shade, the plant does not tolerate the bright afternoon sun very well.

Provide moist but water-permeable soil. Both prolonged dryness and wetness are not well tolerated.

Buy Saxifrage

Saxifraga is a nice evergreen plant that can form nice dense sods. As a result, weeds don’t get much chance. The plants flower for quite a long time and abundantly and therefore provide color in the garden for a long time. They are available with flowers in the colors white, yellow, pink and red, so that there is a beautiful color for everyone.

When does the plant flower?

Saxifraga Touran Pink flowers profusely from March to May with small pink flowers that protrude above the leaf on small stems.


  • Provide a position in partial shade.
  • Cut back the plants slightly after flowering, so the plant retains a nice compact shape.
  • Pick up and tear the plants every three years, so that the plants remain nice and compact.
  • Keep in mind that the soil does not dry out completely in the event of prolonged drought, as Saxifrage cannot withstand this.


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