Samé makes a spicy revelation about Joris and Sylvia Geersen’s 24-hour date

We all saw that Samé and Sylvia Geersen did not spend the night together during the 24-hour date. But how did that actually go with Sylvia and Joris’ date? Samé seems to know more about that…

same the bachelorette date

24-hour date

He was allowed to make up for his missed helicopter flight and went on safari: Samé had nothing to complain about with regard to his 24-hour date. The Bachelorette contestant was given enough time to get to know Sylvia better, but there was no question of a romantic night. He and Sylvia did not sleep together.

That Sylvia and Samé did not spend the night together was said loud and clear by the voice-over aka Monica Geuze. Maarre, during Joris and Sylvia’s date, this information was not shared with the viewer.

Steam date

In conversation with RUMAG, Samé looks back on his adventure in De Bachelor and of course he doesn’t mince words here. Presenters René and Yaël are therefore very curious whether Joris and Sylvia spent the night together.

“Guys, I don’t like to speculate,” begins Samé. “I really would not know.” Yet Samé soon comes back to this and continues his story with rather steamy info. “They definitely slept together one hundred thousand percent. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure.”

René therefore asks: “Has there been kissing and cuddling do you think?” Why Samé responds: “Yes, anyway.”

When asked whether Joris and Sylvia are still together at the moment, Samé obviously does not want to answer. In fact, he is of course not allowed to say anything about this at all. However, we have some details about the juice on different juice channels romance spotted between Joris and Sylvia. According to insiders, the situation between Joris and Sylvia is still very good. How it really is between the two, we can see next Thursday in the reunion episode of The Bachelorette. We can’t wait.

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