Ronnie Flex receives criticism about fatherhood

It was recently announced that Ronnie Flex and Demi de Boer have officially separated. The two have a daughter named Rémi together. In addition, Ronnie also has a daughter together with Dj Wef (Wafae Kefi), named Nori and he is very busy with his career.

When his relationship with Demi ended, he received a lot of criticism. According to Demi, she would now have to raise their daughter for the most part herself. But this was just the beginning, as Ronnie’s new Instagram post with his daughters sees him receiving a ton of criticism.

Ronnie Flex’s Instagram post

Ronnie Flex posts a series of photos on Instagram with his two daughters, Rémi and Nori. The caption reads: ‘“The hardest hood is father hood.” While Ronnie might expect photos with his kids to elicit sweet reactions, none of that showed. Many of his followers apparently disagreed entirely with him. Several people comment that motherhood is much harder, they also think it’s sad that Demi now has to do most of it on her own. Someone responds: “I think Demi has it harder than you. You cannot compare those few hours a week or month that you see your children with a mother who is there for her child 24/7.”

Support from Dj Wef

Fortunately, Ronnie Flex still has a good relationship with Nori’s mother. Dj Wef is immediately ready for him to record his role in raising. In the comments she says: “How do you compare a father with a mother? It is by nature that the mother can give birth, feed, raise her child… A father must learn this.” She is not the only one with this opinion, some other followers also stand up for the rapper. This is how a follower responds: “Ugly how you talk a father role low. Believe me, some dads have a hard time.”

Ronnie has now put his comments under the post. Will he have changed his mind about his statements or is he just fed up with the criticism?

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Ronnie Flex receives a lot of criticism about fatherhood after he posts photos with daughters

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