Romelu Lukaku complains to Inter: “No signs of that happening”

Romelu Lukaku is in his last games at Inter. There doesn’t seem to be a new loan at all.

Romelu Lukaku is hired by Inter from Chelsea. The Italians pay 20 million euros for this, including wages, but according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Red Devil is not worth that money at all.

“The club is obliged to look ahead and plan for the future,” writes La Gazzetta. “And that future will be without Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian will return to Chelsea at the end of his loan period. The club does not intend to negotiate. The direction is clear, the decision has been made.”

Lukaku has also complained to Inter about trainer Inzaghi, Het Nieuwsblad knows. Our compatriot does not feel important enough, but Inzaghi’s training and tactics would not be what Big Rom expects either.

Although La Gazzetta still leaves an opening for an extended stay. “Only an exceptional end to Lukaku’s season could disrupt the plans, but today there are no signs that will happen.”

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