‘Rome fears riots Feyenoord supporters’

Feyenoord hopes to qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa League on Thursday at the expense of AS Roma. It has to do without the support of its own supporters who are not welcome during the game. In Italy, there are still fears that Feyenoord supporters will travel and that there will be serious disturbances, because they are also afraid of a merger with the hard core of Napoli.

Influx of Feyenoord supporters still unclear

Supporters Association FSV De Feijenoorder tells opposite AP that it is difficult to estimate how many Feyenoord supporters will actually travel to Rome. It is assumed that at least hundreds of supporters will travel, but the supporters association does not want to exclude more than a thousand.

Carli Klijn says on behalf of the supporters association that she is disappointed by the decision that no away supporters are allowed in both De Kuip and Rome. “I personally disagree with both decisions, but it is fashionable these days to keep supporters from away clubs.”

Klijn states that it was also very bad around the Conference League final last season. “Last year around the Conference League final against AS Roma, there were only a few minor clashes. But there were also tens of thousands of fans from both clubs in Tirana. You should know what happens on a regular night out in town. We were also not welcome at SC Cambuur on Sunday. But Feyenoord fans are inventive. You’ve probably heard them sing too.”

Many Feyenoord supporters have already booked their trip before the decision was made that no fans could be present on Thursday. According to Klijn, that makes it difficult to say how many will actually come. “At one point it looked like we could really go. Then more supporters started to book. It is difficult to estimate how many fans are still traveling. But there will still be quite a lot of supporters watching the match there in a pub. And some will also be in the stadium. Incognito or not.”

Fear of riots

Lamberto Giannini, head of the Roman police, already said in an interview with the Italian news agency Ansa that Feyenoord supporters will be present in Rome on Thursday. Giannini said in that interview that everything is done to prevent disturbances, which means that there is also constant contact with the Dutch authorities. Il Mattino fears serious disturbances, whereby the medium fears riots because the Feyenoord supporters would like to work with Napoli’s hard core.

Will Feyenoord beat AS Roma?


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Will Feyenoord qualify for the semi-finals?

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