Robert Doornbos will never wear a Rolex again after his robbery

Last month, a former Formula 1 driver was brutally robbed of his Rolex watch. Not only does he look back a bit more often these days, he also says he is not so quick to wear an expensive timepiece watch, with Rolex in particular. “I got away with it okay, I didn’t sustain any injuries.”

Robert Doornbos robbed by two men with baseball bats

The malicious people in question attacked Doornbos with baseball bats and managed to take his Rolex watch with them. His phone was also stolen from him. The incident took place in Amsterdam around midnight when Doornbos got out of his car. Shortly afterwards he was attacked by the men, one of whom punched him in the head.

No doubt a planned attack. The men had been keeping an eye on the 41-year-old F1 analyst for some time, because a GPS tracker is said to have been installed under his car. Although the police have not yet found the perpetrators, they are said to be two men between 25 and 30 years old.

Apple Watch

Losing a precious watch is of course terrible, especially in such a way, but fortunately it has not sustained any permanent damage. In any case, the TV analyst and general manager of PON Luxury Cars Rotterdam says that he is more wary. And to prevent it from happening to him again, he now wears a different watch. An Apple Watch: “At least I can count my steps.”

He has now recovered from the shock and life is smiling at him again. He recently got married with the stylist Chantal Bles.

Recently, a man from Purmerend was attacked for the third time, where he was robbed of two Rolex watches.

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