Rick & Morty season 6

Rick & Morty season 6 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. After the end of season 5, our waiting will be rewarded. How difficult that was after such a violent ending. Did you speculate on how this would go on? I couldn’t imagine how this would work out and so I went to watch season 6 with great enthusiasm. Rick and Morty are stranded in space while the other Smith members deal with the damage left over from Season 5.

Rick & Morty season 6

In season 6 you fall right into the drama and suspense of the end of season 5. The speed is good again and it’s useful if you remember where you left off, otherwise you have to catch up. As I am used to, there is immediate chaos and events change quickly. I already found it difficult to think how this would go on, but I couldn’t have guessed this. I didn’t expect anything different, given the creative and bizarre chaos that Rick & Morty always is. This is exactly why I love this series so much, delicious! After the world is back to what it should be, new problems will arise. It’s the first time Rick hasn’t had a portal gun for so long. This resulted in creative and innovative episodes.

Of course I won’t go into the story too much and I won’t spoiler. Although I have to say that these adventures are probably impossible to describe in words, although I would do my best. This season features unexpected plot twists, more adventures, and hilarious, bizarre events.

Do a Die Hard

As I mentioned, I thought this season was really strong overall and gave me exactly the feeling I always expect from Rick and Morty. I enjoyed and found the season innovative. There was one episode that I didn’t understand where it came from. Morty is trapped and Rick must rescue him. Meanwhile, Summer has to “do a Die Hard” to make this happen. For those who don’t know this, Die Hard is a popular action movie. This episode is a link to it. Rick & Morty Season 6 also includes links to Dr. Who. It’s nice that there is a link to these big names.

Still, when it comes to the Die Hard episode I can’t place where it comes from. Adventures usually have a beginning, but how Rick, Morty and Summer ended up in this was not clear to me. I liked the episode but missed all connection with the rest of this season. If they had been there I would have appreciated this more. While Rick & Morty is always chaos and may seem completely random, it certainly isn’t. It is sometimes quite well put together and contains a lot of references, ambiguous comments and details. And, does it have a timeline, cause and effect and is correct. So again in Rick & Morty season 6.


Is season 6 fun for me?

Rick & Morty Season 6 is highly recommended for any Rick & Morty fan. It may seem like a children’s series at first glance, but it is recommended for 12+. If you want to watch with children from the age of 12, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the series before you let it watch. It is best to start from the first season. No matter how involuntary everything seems, you miss information if you just start somewhere. Also, some events may otherwise be confusing and jokes are more fun if you’ve seen everything.

Rick & Morty season 6, and therefore also previous seasons, I would definitely recommend. Especially to adults and young adults. For everyone who loves chaos, humor and fantasy.
All up? We are already working on season 7, which will hopefully be released this summer and at the latest by the end of 2023. At least, that’s what’s currently being announced. So count down!

Rick & Morty Season 6 - A new season full of bizarre adventures

Rick & Morty Season 6 on DVD

Rick & Morty season 6 has been available on DVD and Blu-ray for several weeks now. In addition to being able to put this in your closet, it also contains extra content, in addition to the 10 episodes of season 6. I watched the DVD version, which contains 2 discs. The audio cannot be set to Dutch, subtitles can. Personal view is preferably in English anyway. If you like it, Dutch subtitles are possible. We wish you a lot of viewing pleasure!

Look here for all seasons!

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