Rent this small electric car for only 0.23 euros per hour

It sounds too good to be true: renting an electric car for only 0.23 euros per hour. Nevertheless, the British Helixx is trying to conquer the world of electric driving in this way.

The company does not focus on selling its electric car, but on renting it out in subscription form. Helixx has big plans for this. The idea is to become a franchise like fast food chain McDonald’s. Anyone who wants can run a so-called Helixx Mobility Hub, a kind of mini-factory, themselves.

Helixx’s electric cars

Helixx can set up a working factory for you within six months. Four variants of the electric car are made there: the Cargo, the Truck, the Ride and the Tuk. In all cases, as in the McLaren F1, the driver sits in the middle. Little is known about the exact specifications.

Helixx electric car rental
The four different body styles. (Image: Helixx)

We do know that the Cargo version of the electric car with a load capacity of 2,100 liters offers the most storage space. For comparison, this is the same as in the old school Volvo 940. The Truck variant is not entirely surprisingly built in the style of a pick-up and the Ride and Tuk version can seat four people, with the Tuk being doorless. Kind of like an Indian TukTuk. It is up to you as a franchisee to sell subscriptions to these EVs locally.

Snag in the grass

A all inclusivesubscription to the electric city buses starts at 0.25 dollars per hour, according to the British company, which is about 0.23 euros. Because these are subscription forms, renting for a very short period will probably not be possible. This means that an hour’s drive in this electric car for only 23 euro cents is indeed too good to be true. 0.23 euros per hour equates to more than 165 euros per month. Still not expensive for an electric car.

Helixx electric car rental
Helixx supplies everything needed to run a Hub yourself. (Image: Helixx)

Do you already see yourself driving an electric car from Helixx or do you even want to become a franchisee? Then you will have to wait a while. After the successful first pilot in the United Kingdom, the company will also continue testing the Mobility Hubs in Singapore. The focus is therefore on Asia and South America. It is not known whether the Helixx electric car will ever set foot on Dutch soil.

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You can drive this electric car for only 0.23 euros per hour

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