Remodel kitchen? What are the current trends in kitchens?

Do you want to renovate the kitchen? Then it is useful to know what the latest kitchen trends are. A kitchen in which convenience and functionality are paramount, that is an important trend. Think of smart equipment that you can operate via the app on your smartphone. In addition, kitchens are minimalistic and exude tranquility.

Remodel the kitchen

There is a lot involved in a renovation. For example, you can outsource the renovation, or renovate your kitchen yourself. Do you want to renovate your kitchen yourself? Then you save a lot on costs. In this way it is even possible to realize your wishes with a small budget.

Smart appliances in the kitchen

A functional kitchen with smart appliances is becoming increasingly important. It has its advantages if you can operate devices with an app on your smartphone. Turn on the oven at work, so you can have dinner when you get home. Who would not want that? And not only the equipment can be controlled via the app, there is also smart lighting. Smart lighting hidden in niches and cupboards, or directly visible. Warm and atmospheric, with a sleek look.

A calm appearance

With the latest kitchen trends, the kitchen is minimalistic with a calm appearance. The high-gloss kitchen cabinets have been replaced by matte kitchen fronts. Timeless and peaceful. Matt fronts are maintenance-friendly. You will see less smudges and fingerprints on it. Handleless doors also contribute to that calm appearance.

Natural materials

Wood is still a widely seen material. Dark brown wood, with grain or ribbed gives the kitchen a chic look. You create unity by implementing this trend in the living room. With furniture in the same dark wood color you can make it one whole. Another natural material is marble. This is used as a kitchen worktop and for the back wall. It is a high quality material, sturdy and durable.

The latest trend colours

The modern kitchen is light. Warm beige, earth tones, light gray, pastel colors and green as the most striking color. These light shades are easy to combine and have a calm appearance. There are also dark kitchens. You combine these with light-colored kitchen cabinets and wooden kitchen fronts.

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