Ransomware hackers threaten to leak confidential Dutch football data

Cyber ​​criminal group Lockbit threatens to leak confidential documents from the KNVB. A few weeks ago, hackers stole 300 gigabytes of data from the KNVB in a ransomware attack. If the KNVB does not pay the requested ransom, Lockbit will leak the data next week, RTL News reports.

The hackers threatened to release documents related to disciplinary matters, contracts, financial information and communications with FIFA, the international governing body of football. It is unclear whether they also seized personal data of Dutch football players.

Lockbit is one of the most active and notorious ransomware groups. According to RTL, they have clear ties with Russia and have attacked hundreds of victims in recent years. It is not clear how much ransom the group demanded from the KNVB, but according to the broadcaster they are known to demand huge ransoms – millions rather than thousands.

The KNVB has already announced that it has been hacked. A few weeks ago, Zeist discovered a breach in its IT network. “A digital forensic investigation is currently underway,” a KNVB spokesperson told RTL.

“As long as this is going on, no further announcement can be made about this. For strategic reasons, we do not make any statements about the perpetrators and their motives.

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