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Covid-19 – Corona rapid test in Harderwijk may be necessary in several situations. So it is important that you have one corona emergency test or rapid test in Harderwijk does when you suffer from complaints that fit a corona contamination. In addition, a corona rapid test are also required to travel abroad. Regardless of the reason for the test appointment, it is nice if you know exactly how it works.

First, schedule an appointment

When you want to do a corona rapid test or emergency test in Harderwijk? you will first have to schedule an appointment. Making a test appointment is very easy and you can do it via the internet. You fill in your personal details and select the desired time. To finalize the appointment, you must pay in advance. After paying for the corona test, you will receive a confirmation by email and/or text message and the appointment is final.

How does a rapid test work?

After you have planned the corona emergency test in Harderwijk, you are expected to be at the test location at the agreed time. Then you have to wait until it is your turn. Make sure you enter with a face mask and ID. During the test itself, mucous membrane is taken from your nose and/or pharynx. Based on this mucus, it can be determined within 15 minutes whether you are infected with the corona virus. Of the test result you will then receive a document. Please note that only a negative test result does not count as a travel document and you must go to another agency for this.

What does a rapid test cost?

Rapid test or an emergency test in Harderwijk costs about 65 euros. This is the total price with everything included. You must pay this full 65 euros in advance. If you want to have a large group do a corona test, you may have to pay less per test. To find out, you will have to contact the relevant person test street. They can provide you with the necessary information.

What if you cannot go to the corona rapid test in Harderwijk?

It is of course possible that you cannot go to the corona rapid test or emergency test in Harderwijk. In that case it is also possible to go to the corona test in Biddinghuizen. They use the same method there and the price is the same. If you don’t go the test location because you are too ill or do not have transport, please contact the GGD.

Rates Rapid test and PCR test with travel document
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They can then help you find a suitable solution. In some cases, a decision is finally made corona test at home. However, keep in mind that this is only chosen by exception and you are not eligible for it just like that. This is because it is simply impossible for the government to have large groups of people tested at home.

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