Quantum Key Distribution guarantees secure communication

Quantum Key Distribution is on the rise in the (network) communication market. By using some principles of quantum mechanics, it is possible to demonstrably secure the distribution of keys over a network. We spoke to Q*Bird and Eurofiber to find out more. We also explain in an understandable way what Quantum Key Distribution is.

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What is Quantum Key Distribution?

When you hear the term Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), you may have a tendency to look very hard right away. This is, after all, about quantum mechanics. However, Quantum Key Distribution is not about calculations that can be 1 and 0 at the same time, but uses another fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. That something – in this case an encryption key – changes as soon as you look at it. This is the basis for the secure exchange of keys between users/endpoints.

In this episode of Techzine Talks, we talk extensively with Josh Slater of Q*Bird and Marc Hulzebos of Eurofiber. Q*Bird is a start-up affiliated with QuTech, the TU Delft research institute. It is concerned with what it quantum secure networking calls. QKD is part of this. Eurofiber is a party that deals with vital infrastructure, the provision of cloud services and the construction of fiber optic connections for the business market. We get to hear from these two different sides of the QKD spectrum what it is, what it’s for and when we can start using it all.

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