Puffiness and dark circles: this is how you get rid of them!

Do you ever get a comment from someone that you look tired? Or do you sometimes look in the mirror and keep being bothered by your bags and those dark circles under your eyes? Perhaps it is the result of a short night, you have drunk a lot of alcohol or you are going through a period of stress. Wherever it comes from, one thing is certain: you want to get rid of it. Is it possible to do something about it? And if so, how do you handle it? We researched it for you!

What are dark circles and puffiness?

To answer this, it is important to briefly conclude that these are two different things. So first check with yourself what exactly is bothering you. Eye bags and dark circles both have a different cause and also express themselves in a different way.

  1. Do you suffer from dark circles? Then you have thin skin under your eyes, so you can see the blood vessels through the skin surface. This causes a bluish color to appear under your eyes. Although this is often genetically determined, there are also many other factors that can influence it.
  2. Do you suffer from puffy eyes/puffiness? Then there is a completely different cause. Bags are accumulations of fluid under your eyes, the bulging of fat from your eye socket and sometimes there is also slackening of the skin.

What causes dark circles and how do you get rid of them?

  1. The structure of your bones: Some people have a hollower bone structure, so your eyes lie deeper in your eye sockets. So there is a kind of shadow over the bottom of your eyes, which makes it darker.
  2. Fatigue: too little sleep, can be a cause of dark circles under your eyes. Sleep deprivation causes your skin to become duller and paler. This makes your blood vessels visible, which creates a dark color.
  3. Age: Aging also causes your skin to become thinner. Unfortunately, this also results in the blood vessels under your skin becoming more visible.
  4. Smoking and alcohol: These bad lifestyle habits deteriorate your blood vessels, making your under eyes even darker.
  5. Also excessive computer use, stress, eczema and allergies can be causes of dark circles under the eyes. So check yourself where it comes from for you so that you can possibly come up with a correct solution.

What causes bags under the eyes (puffy eyes) and how do you get rid of them?

  1. Too much salt: Consuming salt in large amounts puts you at risk for bloating. This eventually creates bags under your eyes
  2. Sleep deprivation: As with dark circles, too little sleep is a cause of bags under your eyes.
  3. Too little water: When you are short of moisture, accumulations of fat can occur under your eyes, giving you bags under your eyes.
  4. Age: Unfortunately, aging also plays a role here. Aging reduces the elasticity and firmness of your skin, which causes the skin under your eyes to sag a bit.
  5. You can also just like with dark circles genetic predisposition have or suffer from allergies that cause puffiness.

  1. Use a cold compress, wet a washcloth with cold water and apply it to your eyes. A cold spoon, chilled cucumber or frozen peas will also reduce swelling. It also causes the skin to contract. The cooling will reduce the swelling.
  2. Put tea bags (with caffeine) on your under eyes against the bags or dark circles. This stimulates blood circulation and counteracts swelling.
  3. Avoid eating salty,
  4. Sleep Enough.
  5. Get enough vitamins in by eating fruits and vegetables.
  6. Let your eyes be on time restso try to look at screens as little as possible.
  7. Wear every day sunburn.
  8. Make sure that while you sleep, of your head higher than the rest of your body. This will keep moisture from accumulating in the eye area.
  9. Inquire if necessary beauty therapist for certain treatments.

Can’t get rid of it and think that your dark circles or bags under the eyes have a different cause? Then consult a doctor.

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