Psst… 5 secrets of successful strength athletes

Do you ever wonder why some strength athletes achieve quick results while you can’t? It may have something to do with genes, but you probably also do certain things differently than they do. Here you will find the 5 secrets of successful strength athletes with which you will achieve results.

1. Technology comes first

For successful strength athletes, technique is always number 1. They don’t just look at this when they do an exercise for the first time; they keep an eye on this continuously. If you take more weight, your technique can deteriorate. You may be doing some smuggling without being aware of it.

Successful strength athletes regularly do a technique check. If they see that their technique is no longer good, they first focus on this. That may mean that they sometimes have to take a step back. Frustrating at times, but in the end this will give you more results and prevent injuries. It also ensures that you can move forward faster later.

2. Not always going to the hole

It might feel good to always hit your rep target. Or to squeeze out 1 more repetition if you actually can’t anymore. But going all the way all the time doesn’t help you at all in the end. Those last few reps may feel very effective, but they don’t provide much extra muscle growth and are actually taxing for your result. Not intended, of course.

Therefore, always try to stay a few reps away from muscle failure. As a beginner you stop 3 to 4 reps for muscle failure and as more advanced you stop at 2 to 3 reps for muscle failure.

For more advanced users, there are also schedules where you always train to muscle failure. These are special schedules that are specially adapted to this. With a standard schedule that is not aimed at this, it is not advisable to train to muscle failure.

3. Tighten your core with every exercise

Did you know that you use your core muscles a lot during a workout? And then we’re not talking about the core exercises you do. You use your core in almost every strength training exercise. By tightening your core well with every exercise you improve your balance, stability and endurance. This ensures that you perform the exercise more effectively and last longer.

Tightening your core also has an effect on your posture. With many fitness exercises, tightening your core also contributes to the correct technique.

Tensing your core with every exercise therefore ensures better training performance and reduces the risk of injuries. And because you also immediately train your abs, you also get lines faster or even a six-pack!

4. Mainly compound exercises

It may feel safe to train on machines, but this can also cause injuries. With isolation exercises where you focus on one muscle group, you exhaust that muscle group more. It is much better to also do compound exercises and preferably mainly compound exercises.

Compound exercises offer many benefits. You train multiple muscle groups at the same time, so you train more effectively. Hormone release also increases, including the release of testosterone and growth hormone. These hormones have a positive influence on your muscle growth.

5. Make progress every week

Successful strength athletes ensure that they make progress every week. In the beginning this is often by increasing the weight weekly. At some point, this is no longer possible with certain exercises. Then you first increase the number of repetitions. The following week you go up a small step in weight. By making progress every week, your muscles get an impulse to get stronger and grow.

With this secret you have to take secret 1 and 2 into account. If you notice that your technique is deteriorating, focus on this first before you start making progress again. You may even take a step back.

Have you gone up in weight and are you finding it difficult to reach your rep target (number of reps)? Then stay 2-4 reps away from muscle failure, even if it means you don’t reach your rep target. The following week you can increase the number of reps.

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