Professional blogging: this is how you do it!

If you want more with your blog than just filling your time with a cool hobby, it is advisable to invest time in professionalizing your blog. In these articles I share a number of things that give your blog a professional look. However, the success of your blog does not only depend on this list; you will still have to work for it if professional blogging is your dream job.

Register your domain name

Go for a domain and get off the sites. Your own website costs no capital and is more serious. In terms of domain name, I wouldn’t go for either, but for something that looks professional and is easy to remember. Furthermore, in terms of platform, I would definitely go for WordPress because of the many possibilities, including in terms of findability. My host is and I have been very satisfied with it for years.

Register with the Chamber of Commerce

Of course you don’t have to sign up with the first $100 you earn, but as soon as you start making money with your blog on a regular basis, I would definitely do this. It looks more professional, with some companies it is a requirement for cooperation and I noticed that I started taking my blog more seriously because of the registration.

Provide a beautiful website

For years I messed around with my own site and fiddled with expensive themes that I bought and then couldn’t do anything with. Recently I invested a few hundred euros in a nice good site that is exactly to my liking. Something that would have saved me a lot of money if I had done it years ago. Sure, it’s an investment, but your site is your business card.

Be consistent in style

Make sure your photos have somewhat the same style, but always the same size anyway. In most layouts, however, it looks better if you choose either landscape or portrait orientation. Use the same layout and font for all your articles. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also use the colors of your blog in your visuals and photos.


Nowadays you can even take great photos with your smartphone. As long as you make sure you have good light and make it a bit of a cozy picture. Photography takes a lot of practice and a lot of time, but I personally think this is one of the most important factors of professional blogging (depending on the subject of course). If you really have zero feeling for photography and don’t feel like delving into it, I’d rather go for stock photos than use your own photos of poor quality.

Contact info

Make sure that both your readers and interested companies can easily reach you by creating a contact page. On this page you can, in addition to your contact information, also briefly describe which forms of collaboration are possible on your blog.

Professionalize your email address

It’s great that you’ve been using your [email protected] for 10 years, it just doesn’t look very professional. I would also omit just first name_last [email protected] and replace it with [email protected]. An e-mail address containing your domain name looks professional and also makes it easier to separate personal and business mail.


Make marketing a serious part of your blog and invest time in promoting your articles. Do not blindly share your blog post everywhere, but see which form of sharing works on which channel.

Social media

I see social media as an extension of my blog and, I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Take a good look at the channels you use for your blog and to what extent you want to use them personally. If your blog has absolutely no connection to your personal life, I would separate these two on social media as well.

Take your blog seriously

Finally, I would like to urge you to take your blog seriously. Posting once every few weeks doesn’t exude professionalism. Blogging professionally is hard work if you want to make it more than just a hobby. By also approaching it dead serious, it will all go easier for you.

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