Pro Sport Apeldoorn closed after finding tens of kilos of soft drugs and 700 pre-rolled joints

Police find tens of kilos of soft drugs and 700 pre-rolled joints in Apeldoorn gym
During the raid on Monday evening in the Pro Sport Center in Apeldoorn, the police found dozens of kilos of soft drugs and 700 pre-rolled joints. One arrest was made in the now closed gym on the Mezenweg. Source:

A rescue team raided the gym in Apeldoorn after reporting an ‘impending emergency situation.’ One person has been arrested. “Because there was an imminent emergency, we acted immediately,” said police spokesman Simone van Dijk. After entering, the arrest team concluded that there was no life-threatening situation. Mayor Ton Heerts has decided to close the building immediately due to the circumstances.

Pro Sport Center was a new Sports Center with various sports disciplines, which are supervised by expert trainers. Pro Sport Centrum trains body and mind by deviating from the known paths. Instead of chewing everything out for the members and thus making the mind lazy, Pro Sport Centrum tries to guide the members in their search for themselves. Working together to get in good physical and mental condition. Presumably the new revenue model arose out of necessity after losses due to the Corona lockdown periods, although that remains a guess.

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