Princess locks à la Kate? This would be her favorite shampoo

If there’s one royal we’ve never been able to catch on one bad hair day, then it is Kate Middleton. Whether she wears her hair up under a tiara or casually loose over the shoulders: Kate’s haircut is always perfectly fine. And according to insiders, these products are responsible for that.

Kate’s hairdresser

Step one into you hair journey is of course good care. And who better to take advice from than Richard Ward, Kate’s hairdresser? In 2016, he revealed how he creates her iconic hairstyle. It’s all about long layers, he explains. “So that you keep that movement in it,” he shares. With short layers you would have less of that effect.

Now it will come as no surprise that you have one pretty penny pays for a date in this salon royally approved cutting expert. You pay 375 euros for a haircut and wash with Richard Ward himself. If you want to have your locks taken care of by another employee, it can be a bit cheaper. The prices are then between 250 euros and 75 euros.

Generously maintained

Anyway: we also feel almost royal after we just step out of the salon. But until that next visit to our favorite hairdresser, we’ll soon be dealing with hair that’s frizzy or won’t stay in shape. How come Kate never seems to be bothered by that? That depends on how the princess maintains her hair.

Insiders in Kate Middleton’s beauty ritual claim that she swears by a few different ones haircare Products. It won’t surprise you that a firm favorite of Kate’s is a Richard Ward product himself is. The Cleanse & Condition shampoo is sulfate-free and suitable for colored hair.

Another royal favorite would be the products of the French brand Kérastase. This special keratin infused you regularly see products on the shelves at your local salon, and therefore in the shower rack of the princess. Specifically, it would concern the Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo. If we are to believe the sources then eh – of course it also helps that Kate has a team ready to support her day and night look care from head to toe. Anyway. With a good one haircare routine you’ve come a long way!

Source: Woman and Home, Beau Monde | Image: Brunopress

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