Potje app makes saving together with friends a lot easier

Pot app

The Potty app can now also be used in Belgium, but it might be nice to tell you what you can do with the Potty app anyway. Potje helps you and your friends, family or colleagues to save together for a self-chosen double. In the app you create a jar, you can invite someone else and everyone sees the overview of what’s in the jar. You can also immediately see who has put what amount in the jar. The money is safely stored separately via Potje. You can get help with saving with a group through a savings plan, tasks or reminders.

Pot app

So the goal is to save a pot together with others. This can be colleagues, friends or relatives. Think of saving for a holiday, gift, wedding, festival or something else. You no longer have to advance with Potje and wait until you get your money, but you save together through the shared pot. According to the founder of Potje, Bastiaan Reurink, it can be difficult to save with a group and the app should therefore help with this. In addition, collecting money can be accompanied by miscommunication, irritation and ambiguity, and Potje takes all of these struggles away.

It is useful that the person who created the pot can make a savings plan. With this, for example, a target amount can be given and a weekly, monthly or one-off amount can be requested to achieve the goal. Belgians can now also use the app, where they can easily transfer the money via Bancontact. The Dutch can easily pay via iDEAL. Incidentally, it is good to know that for Potje, an amount is deducted for transaction costs. That is, for example, with a game of up to 100 euros, a total of € 2.50. The app itself is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store via the button below.

Little pot
Little pot

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