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Planning your next holiday trip can sometimes be quite a challenge. Where are you going and where do your friends want to go? Planning a joint holiday becomes child’s play with the Stippl app.

Plan your route in Stippl

You first create your own profile in the Stippl application. This can be done via, for example, Google or Facebook, but a separate e-mail address can also be used. Then you get to work; for example, create a new trip. Give your trip a name and indicate which countries you will visit. Then you also specify the dates on which you will travel. After this you can indicate whether you want to share the trip with friends.

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Sharing your journey in the Stippl app is useful because it allows you to put together the journey together. You can also keep track of what expenses you make and how much everyone has to pay. You can always add more people later. Now you can start compiling the journey, for example add a first place. At this place you indicate how much overnight stay you think you need here. Then look for some nice places in the area, you can also set the number of overnight stays to zero so that the app sees it as a stopover.

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At your main destinations you immediately indicate where you will sleep and what you want to do. The handy thing about this is that you can immediately search for overnight stays in, for example, Booking or Airbnb. Because you can also immediately collect the costs in the app, you get a good picture of the journey. You can also keep notes for each stop.

Budget your vacation

You can also budget very easily via the application. There are different categories where you can keep track of expenses. In the app you will find a series of predefined categories, it is not possible to create your own category. For each expense you can note whether it has already been paid or whether it still needs to be paid. If you travel with friends, you immediately see how much everyone has to pay.

Pack up!

The app also helps you pack your suitcase. The Stippl app asks which gender you identify with and thus compiles the perfect packing list for you. For each item you can indicate how much is in your suitcase and you can check off the items.

The app is available for Android in the Google Play Store. But if your friends use an Apple, that’s no problem either. Furthermore, the Stippl app can also be used via the web on your computer, very handy!

Stippl: Explore, Plan & Share
Stippl: Explore, Plan & Share

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