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HH trip plannerAnyone who likes to travel knows it, the anticipation of endlessly comparing destinations and trips. Which flight is the cheapest or best fit in terms of flight times? What is there to do? What time do you need the train? Which sights should you not miss? Planning a trip can be quite a puzzle. I often wore out dozens of notebooks in this way, which were often too small to have a good overview. That is how the plan was born travel planner to make. An A3 size planner on which you can plan different holidays, in order to ultimately choose the best version. In this blog I explain how this holiday planner works and why it is so useful. Plan your vacation with this one travel planner!

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Plan your vacation with this travel planner

This travel planner therefore has A3 format. So you don’t just put it in your bag, but that’s not the intention either. The travel planner has 50 sheets that you can use to select different destinations. Suppose you have a week’s holiday and you have three destinations that you would like to choose, for example: Albania (by plane), Norway (by car) and the Czech Republic (by train). You then fill in the travel planner for each destination. What are the flight times and prices? Which sights do you absolutely want to see and which activities do you want to do? Which restaurant tips do you come across in blogs or your travel guide? What does the car rental cost and which accommodations are nice? Fill in everything on the planner, including the url of some websites you want to remember.

Choose your destination

In the end, you choose the destination that you like the most. How you make that choice is, of course, up to you. Maybe you go for the cheapest option? Or do you choose the destination where you can see the most? Perhaps you are going for peace and sun (for example, you can write down the weather forecast in the notes) or do you choose based on the most favorable travel times? You can tear off the destination of your choice, fold it and take it with you in your hand luggage or backpack. That way you have it at hand everywhere. You can of course save the destinations you do not choose for a next trip!

Enter the dates on the briefcases

The holiday planner is undated. This allows you to use it all year round. Whether you go on holiday in season or out of season. Enter the day on the white label of the suitcase and possibly write the date in the suitcase. So you can also start the week on Wednesday, if that is the day of departure. Then plan through to the last day of that week. Are you going for several weeks? Then you use 1 sheet of the travel planner per week. So for a month you need 4 sheets, which you can then tear off and take with you in your bag. Also make sure you have a pen, so you can write things in between or write down reminders with the notes.

Packing list

At the bottom right you will find a packing list. The most important things are already printed, on the other lines you fill in what else you want to take with you. Always useful! You may also take other things with you per trip, because those who go camping will fill in a different packing list than those who fly and book a luxury hotel. You can therefore completely personalize this planner per trip. Good for 50 trips!

Nice gift for the travel lover

Of course this holiday planner / travel planner / journey planner is an ideal gift for the real travel enthusiast. You know them, those people who live from holiday to holiday, are looking forward to their camping holiday, have bought a camper or prefer to go out every weekend. Or maybe you know a world traveler who likes to travel outside Europe during the summer holidays? This travel planner fits everyone!


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