Plan your meals with this free printable meal planner

To prevent food waste and to eat healthier and more varied, weekly meal planning can make a big difference. With meal planning you always do your shopping efficiently and you prevent products from being wasted. Moreover, you don’t have to think about what you will cook next during the week. To help you on your way, I share a nice free (!) printable meal planner. Print it out and start planning your meals!

The benefits of meal planning

meal planner

Meal planning has nothing but benefits. I myself have been a big fan of it for years and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Whether you use a printable for this, an online agenda or a notebook: it doesn’t matter. With a meal plan you can:

  • save time
  • combat food waste
  • save money
  • shopping more efficiently
  • improve stocks at home
  • vary more in terms of meals
  • eat healthier
  • make good use of clicks
  • create mental peace

Weekly meal planner

weekly planner

With this handy weekly planner you can easily plan your meals for a whole week. You can also write down the groceries so that you don’t forget anything.

Download the weekly planner

Meal planner

Would you rather plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for each week? Then you can use this handy meal planner. This way, you can plan every meal of the week in one clear schedule.

Download the meal planner

Shopping list

shopping list

You can clearly organize all your groceries for your weekly menu on this beautiful shopping list. It is a handy addition to the meal planner and completes the set.

Download the shopping list

Meal planner set

meal planner

Are you a fan of this set and would you prefer to download and use all three free printables? Then download the entire set at once via the link below.

Download the whole kit

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