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Fairy beautiful girlIt’s been a gloomy week. I am so tired of the rain, wind and cold. Especially now that I’m on Majorca and Madeira tasted a little bit of spring, I’m done with this bad weather. I want to be able to throw open the garden doors, sit outside in the sun! Unfortunately, I understand that it won’t get much better in the coming week, so that will have to wait a while. On Sunday a long cherished wish came true: I ran the CPC! With a PR too. Pride!

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Maik needed the car, so I went to work by bike. That was tough, because my bike is broken and pedals very hard. Completely against the wind. I was there all morning, going from meeting to appointment and eating a lot of Koekela cakes which were put down as a treat. Oh so wrong, but nice 🙂 Around 3 o’clock I cycled home. There I discovered that Lenthe and her friends had knocked over an expensive candle stand, so I was not amused. Especially since she had played in the study, while the agreement is that they stay away from there. Well, I took a cup of tea and went to work in the study myself. Fee also had visitors and she built Kapla. Then I asked my parents how the move was going, because they were busy and would sleep in the new house for the first time that night. In the evening I made zucchini soup and went to bed early. I was tired and had slept badly.

kapla building fairy


Immediately after waking up I went to the gym, because I hadn’t done that in over a week. Then it was time for work. I had a presentation to prepare, emails to answer and some people to call. Before I knew it, it was already lunch time. Then I went to work until 1 o’clock and then I had to go to 2 appointments. By 5 o’clock I was back, then a new colleague called with some questions and before I knew it I heard Maik coming in from work. I whipped up a quick pasta and then took a bath. That was not nice, because the hot water was gone! Fee had been in the shower for a long time, grrr. Then go to bed. I slept very early, but unfortunately woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

work work work March 2023in bath Oct 2021


It was a real adolescent morning: Maik had left early with Fee and Lenthe and I had breakfast with the two eldest. They then sit with their phone in front of them and eat their hood and say nothing. Every conversation I tried to strike up I was told I was nagging. Really nice 🙂 It’s a phase right? In the afternoon I also had a nice conference about giftedness and talent development by Luk deWulf. Was very fun and interesting. Luk deWulf has also written very interesting books that I can definitely recommend about talent development and burnout. Very different way of looking.

meeting luk de wulf


Lenthe put me in a play about Heracles at school this morning and I went to watch. She had several roles, but did very well. The whole class did great, so clever how the teachers managed this and the costumes were really amazing. Then I went like a rocket to a school in The Hague, where I was going to make a film. Was fun to do. After that I spent a few hours editing the images and merging them into 1 video of 5 minutes. Then suddenly it was time to pick up the girls from school and take them to piano lessons. Also quickly packed the orders and brought them to the mail. Sterre had to work early so I had to cook early and after that I was actually quite tired from this day.

gaming together


I had had a very good night, but had to get up early because Sterre had to go to the orthodontist. After that I had 2 online MDOs for work. It couldn’t be any other way than on my free Friday, but I had agreed to do them online. Went fine. After that I did some work and before I knew it Yuren was standing in front of me again. He really has so many hours of down time every day, not normal. Anyway, he was quite cozy and those cozy moments are few and far between since he started puberty, so I just enjoyed it for a while. We had lunch together and then it was time to get Fee. Meanwhile, the cleaning lady was cleaning the top 2 floors again, such a luxury that I found someone who likes it again. I don’t feel like running all the time because of this piss weather, I don’t know why. Sometimes I don’t care, but at the moment I can’t find the motivation to go with that cold and rain. By the way, in the middle of the day there was suddenly a cat inside with us, which went straight to Pip’s cage. Luckily got him out. He had walked in with Yuren.

cat in the housetulips march 2023


At a quarter to 7 I was scratching the car, because it had frozen. Fortunately it was already light, which makes a difference when I go swimming these days. After an hour of swimming laps it was time for breakfast and I did some work for my blog. So a productive morning. Maik went to football with Yuren. The weather was lovely, so we also went into the garden. Maik started scarifying, Fee and I worked in the garden a bit. Later I also sat in the sun. I spent the rest of the afternoon mostly reading. I started in The Orphan Mother, the latest book by Ellen Marie Wiseman. It’s another book that you can’t put into and where you feel enormous pity for the main character. The children read a lot All of Keverburg is cooking, a great fun picture book which is also fun to get to know insects in the garden. In the evening, of course, we watched Wie is de Mol with the whole family. For the first time I got it right, I’ve never guessed the right mole since the program existed haha.

fairy garden work

Fairy March 2023


Race day! Not for Max, but for myself. I had a starting ticket for the 10 km at the CPC in The Hague. I’ve wanted to run this one for about 14 years, but there’s always something. Either I was pregnant / just gave birth, or I had an injury, or I had Corona or just had Corona, or I just wasn’t fit enough, or it was canceled by a storm. This year I decided not to register well in advance, but just wait until the last. When I came back from Mallorca last week there were no more tickets available, but I managed to get one from someone who was not fit via Marktplaats. So I went under a different name than my own name, but that didn’t matter. This year I did! With a PR too, my fastest 10 ever is 59.20 and today I ran it in 59.18. And that while it took me more than 1.02 last Sunday. So I am very satisfied and proud of myself. Thanks to all the support via insta or live at the course. Did me very well! I did little for the rest of the afternoon. After lunch I continued reading my book, I made risotto and after dinner I went upstairs in time to continue reading. This book needs to come out haha. I don’t know if it will work today, but then it will be out of my mind when I have to work again tomorrow.

hop mom

Juut CPC in advance 2023Juut cpc 10 km March 2023

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