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in the plane with spring and starsSpring break was all about sun, snow and rain, just like last year ­čÖé Wherever I go during spring break, there is always snow apparently haha. Quite a lot has happened, but fortunately mostly fun things. Now first a few weeks of work again, I already saw busy weeks in my agenda. Until the next trip ­čÖé

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We had a lot of visitors today. A girlfriend of Lenthe and a girlfriend of Fee over the floor. Very cosy. And busy. But the day flew by. I packed my suitcase and urged the kids to do the same. I also did some work. We went to bed early because I had to get up early. I tried to spot some northern lights from the window, but saw nothing. Didn’t have time to go to the beach unfortunately.

Northern lights not seen at home


The alarm went off very early, already at 4:30 am. Maik took me and the girls to the airport. That was nice. It was very quiet, so we were through customs in no time. Then we had to wait for the plane to leave, fortunately on time. At 10 o’clock we drove with the rental car from the airport Majorca away and we went straight to a museum, because it was raining so hard. A museum with modern art, Sterre wanted that and I liked it myself. After we had seen this, it was time for lunch. I got a tip from someone on insta and that turned out to be a good choice indeed. Delicious eaten! After that there was some hassle with the hotel. My credit card was declined or something. So I just drove by to fix that first. Nothing else happened, when I was there it just worked. We went to Palma that afternoon, when it got a bit drier. Walking around, shopping, sightseeing. Was nice and cosy. We ate at a tapas place within walking distance of the hotel, because we were very tired from the short night.

museum palma es baluard

celler sa premaes baluard museum


Out of bed on time, because the sun was shining! It was a very beautiful spring day. We drove to Valdamossa, where we walked around and had an ensaimada for breakfast. There was even some snow there. Then we continued to Soller, where the train runs right through the terrace and is a beautiful square. We also visited the shopping streets there. It was a beautiful route through the mountains, so I took plenty of pictures. Unfortunately we could not go further into the mountains. Many roads were closed due to the snow and meltwater. Unfortunately. We went back to Palma via the highway and from there to Alcudia. We were there right around sunset. A charming town too, a bit quiet now in the winter season. Around 6 pm we drove back to the hotel to relax. The girls wanted to join again Original tapas concept going to dinner, wherever we were the night before. So no sooner said than done. It was again very good. Not greasy tapas, but very original and tasty.

view valdemossa

bay mallorca


Thursday morning it was cloudy again, but fortunately dry. We decided this time to Cala del Moro, Es Pontas (the natural bridge), Far del Cap Salines and we had lunch in Ses Salines. Was also very tasty. Everywhere was quiet, because there are few tourists at this time of year. So we could park the car quickly everywhere, there were no people in the way of your photo and you could go to the restaurants without a reservation. So the weather is a bit uncertain. But I don’t mind that so much myself. Once back we decided to eat somewhere else this evening. We actually wanted to go to a star restaurant, but they all have an age restriction. From 12 years. And Lenthe is still 10, so well. In the end we chose Hungry gastro bar, the number 1 of TripAdvisor and according to the reviews star-worthy. It was very quiet, but we had a very good meal. So definitely recommended if you are ever there.

es pontas mallorcapug de randa


Well, and then it was over. The sun was shining when the alarm went off, but we didn’t have much time to enjoy it. The car had to be returned and we had a flight to catch. Fortunately, it did go at a normal time, so we could take it easy and not have to get up in the middle of the night. Fortunately everything went smoothly, no delays, no hassle when returning the car, everything was okay. I bought ensaimadas at the airport for the home front and in about 2 hours we were in Eindhoven. Of course we still had to take the train home from there, but that all went smoothly. Around half past 4 we were back home, where I could hug Fee and Yuren. In the evening I picked up a starting ticket for the CPC 10 km in The Hague. They were sold out, so I was happy with it. So next week I’m going to run a race!

breakfast in valdemossa


Luckily I was awake before the alarm went off. It was pool time. After swimming laps for an hour it was time for breakfast. It’s nice to eat your own oatmeal with fruit again when you’ve had sweet junk for breakfast for 4 days ­čÖé I also received apps from people who had seen me in the NRC with a interview about our heat pump. I went to Voorburg with Maik, to choose fabric from Femkeido for the Artifort chair that my parents gave us and that needs to be reupholstered. Very difficult to choose. We now have 2 left and we don’t know yet. I lean towards one, Maik towards the other. We have samples and will decide this week which one it will be. Then I sat down to work for a while. If I’m without a laptop for a few days, the mail tends to pile up. Around 3 o’clock it was time to leave for Maik’s mother’s birthday. It was her birthday today and she had invited us to eat Chinese. Of course we also watched the first qualification of the Grand Prix again.

chinese at grandma ineke


A little late on Sunday, Fee only got out of bed at 8 o’clock luckily. Then showered and had breakfast. I was a bit hesitant, but I really wanted the 10 km to run, in preparation for the cpc next week. I left around 11 am and despite little sense, I did it anyway. Almost within the hour. Then it will work next week. Then Maik went on a gift hunt for children’s parties with Lenthe and Fee, Sterre went to a friend and Yuren taught, so I had some time for myself. I have been working in peace. Around 3 o’clock we went for drinks at Hein & Marit, which was fun. Unfortunately we missed the race because of that, so as soon as we got home we threw the pizzas in the oven and we all huddled in front of the TV to watch the race. The holiday is over again!

snack board sassenheim first f1 2023

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