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Plus a Bit I started in 2015 and now 8 years later this is still my spot on the internet. For years I wrote occasionally, I had a lot of ideas for a blog and I had started a blog but never really continued. During treatment for an eating disorder, the question arose “what will you do if (not) eating is no longer your main priority and you have time on your hands?”. Starting a blog was the first thing that came to my mind. Somewhat insecure, but with the help of a friend, who built my website and designed a logo, I took the first steps on Plus a Bit. I had no experience with a “real” website, was not concerned with online findability or getting traffic to my website.


Where at the start I had the ambition to make an online magazine of Plus a Bit, over time I found out that you have to put a lot of time and energy into it and actually have to be constantly working on it. My situation at the time was such that I didn’t have that time and energy. In addition, I had a full-time job that demanded a lot from me. All factors that made Plus a Bit more of a hobby blog and I was more than proud of myself if I could publish a blog post every day.

Perhaps I had underestimated it all and was blinded by the popularity of blogs such as “Beautygloss” and “Miss Lipgloss”. I didn’t see how much work went into it besides writing and publishing blogs. For example, I had never heard of SEO optimization or search engine advertising. And to be honest, I never really looked into it further. My life took its own course and as we all know by now, I had other things on my mind in recent years that I had to focus on.

New start

Last year my life finally came into a calmer waters and I decided to start blogging daily again before the new year. My first priority was to be able to publish a blog post every day again. This is something I’ve been working on for the past few months and have tried to persevere. On a small break during Easter, I succeeded well and I am frankly proud of that. The next step is to increase my online findability, to optimize my website and to ensure an increase in traffic to my website.

To be honest, I think writing and coming up with content is my strength, but the other things around my website are just not my cup of tea. For this I simply need help and guidance. Fortunately, there are now enough companies that can help and support me in this. After some research, I ended up at Amsterdam marketing agency and I will make an appointment in the second half of this year to see what they can do for me. Tips and tricks are always welcome. But now first continuing my new start and making sure I have content for every day.

Take care!


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