Perez after Giménez criticism: “Insane anyway?”

Kenneth Perez saw Feyenoord striker Santiago Giménez struggle against AS Roma on Thursday evening. According to the football analyst, that has not been appreciated in Mexico.

ESPN analyst laughs at strong reactions

In This was the Weekend Perez stated: “I also said that I think he is a very good striker, the best in the Netherlands. Now I said on Thursday that he was having a hard time and I got the Mexican community on me,” laughs the ESPN analyst.

After all the things I’ve said, that he’s a good player… Then I say once that he’s having a hard time and then this. You have to laugh about that, don’t you? That’s insane, isn’t it?” said Perez. How did he find Giménez playing against SC Cambuur? With a broad smile: “Fantastic. If he is not voted the best player in Europe, I don’t understand it at all.”

Feyenoord awaits a tough evening

Feyenoord will play the Europa League return against AS Roma on Thursday evening. Perez expects a tough meeting for the Rotterdam formation. “I think they are annoyed, Mourinho is also annoyed. You don’t have to do much to annoy him. He can of course let his team be mean.”

Will Gimenez make the 0-1 against Roma?


*Odds are subject to change.

Will Gimenez score in Rome?

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