Passion, fighting spirit and attractive futsal in Friesland. Impressive ZVV The Hague forgets to reward itself. ZV Libertas ‘lucky’ with sniper and futsal phenomenon Jessie Prijs!

DAMWOUDE – Prior to this, a minute of silence was observed for the recently deceased top fan of @zvvdenhaagvrouwen and also the father of one of our players. RIP John! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

An eventful match in which ZVV Den Haag earned more VR1. The team from The Hague showed struggle, fighting spirit and passion. The standout ‘by far’ was Ramona van der Harst who, with her specific style of play, made her team better and stronger throughout the match.

ZV Libertas (2nd in the championship group) looked like a top team without top form on Friday evening, so there were plenty of opportunities for the energetic team of René Havermans and his second @jeffreybrand1 to at least play a draw.

With, among others, the imperturbable and excellently playing Samia Kaaouane and the accurate Larissa Boerenstam in the front line, ZVV Den Haag went into battle with the very strong Libertas. Via ‘Boom Boom’ Boerenstam, ZVV Den Haag deservedly came alongside. Both teams went into halftime with a 1-1 tie.

In the second part of the game, ZV Libertas managed to score again quickly and take a 3-1 lead. Under the leadership of the “Frisian Futsal Phenomenon”, designer and ‘sniper’ Jessie Prijs, ZV Libertas unfortunately managed to deal with the many scoring opportunities just a little more efficiently for ZVV Den Haag. Via a sublime goal by former ADO Den Haag player Priscilla Mesker, ZVV Den Haag came very close, 3-2.

In the remaining two minutes ZVV Den Haag fought to come alongside. ZV Libertas did not allow that. ZVV The Hague fought for what it was worth. Afterwards, Futsal Guru René Havermans from The Hague complimented his players on the game they had shown. He also thought that his team deserved more. Better next time!

Match characteristics: zv libertas vs zvv denhaag women final score 3-2 (1-1)

Scoring progression: (1st half)

8” ZVL 1-0 18” Larissa Boerenstam

(2nd half)

27” ZVL 2-1

31” ZVL 3-1

38” Priscilla Mesker 3-2

Editors and photos: ZVV The Hague

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