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You see LED strips more and more in homes. This type of lighting is placed, for example, at the steps, under the kitchen cabinets, around the television and in the bathroom. This type of lighting not only provides more visibility in the room, but it also creates a lot more atmosphere. However, the LED strips are not only suitable for your interior. This lighting also comes in handy in your garden. When mounting LED strips in the garden, it is important to use special profiles so that they are mounted watertight. Are you curious how you can use these LED strip profiles in your garden? Then quickly read this article. We give you some useful tips.

The advantages of LED strips in your garden

There are many different reasons why LED lighting comes in handy in the garden. First of all, it creates a cozy atmosphere. If you like to sit outside in the summer evenings, the LED lighting ensures that you are always cozy. In addition, it provides more safety. A garden without proper lighting is very dark at night. If you can’t see where you’re going, you’re more likely to stumble or fall. With the LED lighting, this risk is much smaller. The last advantage is that the LED strips are very useful when you unexpectedly organize a party or barbecue. The LED strips ensure that you always have beautiful lighting in the garden, even when unexpected plans pop up.

What kind of LED strips should you use?

The type of LED strips you use in the garden mainly depend on your wishes. LED strips are available in all kinds of strength and colors. If you like variation and mood lighting, choose an RGBW LED strip. With this LED strip you can change the color of the lighting at any time. This way you can enjoy atmospheric white / yellow light one evening and opt for red or blue tones the next evening. It is all possible with the RGBW LED strips. In terms of light intensity, 60 light points per meter are mainly used.

Note these properties

Although you want to use the LED strips under a roof or a dry place, it is very important that you choose a LED strip that is resistant to water. Moisture can also occur in dry places. A waterproof LED strip is resistant to wind and weather and will therefore provide your garden with beautiful lighting all year round. It is also useful to ensure that you choose an LED strip that is energy efficient. For example, the strips do not cost more than necessary when used. For a look at all the different LED strip products, go to LEDStripXL. In this webshop you will find everything you need to mount outdoor LED strips.

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