Our favorite products for sensitive children’s skin

As a baby and toddler, both children already suffered from sensitive skin. It has been quite a quest to find the right products. The products I share with you are also the products that work for our children. What I especially pay attention to are the products without perfume and specially marked as products for sensitive skin.

Sensitive children’s skin

As a baby, Ellie had red skin after she got out of the bath, but in the end she didn’t suffer much from certain products. We chose from the beginning ecological and natural products, so that will certainly have helped. It is mainly Oone who has super sensitive skin. Dry spots, cracking skin, …. So we started looking for the ideal products.

We also try to take a bath no more than once a week and only wash with soap if necessary. In between it is only freshening up or a quick shower if they are dirty, but without soap. (Water also cleans) Children really should not be washed that often.

Our favorite products


Everyone (recognizes) knows the wonderful smell of Mustela, but did you also know that they have specific lines for certain skin types? Not so long ago they came up with a specific line for every skin type. You have a line for normal, dry, very sensitive and atopic skin. And the line for atopic skin is the one that fits our family perfectly. A special formula without perfume to soothe atopic skin. Be sure to take a look at Mustela’s site to find out which line suits your family perfectly.

We mainly use the soap, oil and shampoo from this line.

Louis Widmer bath oil

This is a very specific product bath oil. We once got this bottle from someone and since then my favorite bath oil, also for myself. Very nourishing and not super greasy. During the winter months especially Oone’s skin is very dry and this oil can help to nourish her skin a little extra.

Maybe one minus. This oil does have a (delicious) perfume, but Oone does not respond to this, so find what suits your child yourself.

Weleda Baby

When I think of newborn and babies, my memory immediately takes the smell of Weleda above. These were the first products we used for the girls. I love the spicy scent and perfect gentle products for sensitive skin. If I can choose one favourite, I choose the (night) cream bath.

La Roche Posay

Every mom knows La Roche-Posay, especially the Lipikar body lotion. We even have a bottle in the bathroom and a bottle downstairs in the kitchen. There are times when Oone has spots on her legs that crack a bit and we apply this lotion to those spots. Especially when we go outside during a very cold day, it can help to protect her skin extra.


Naive we used more when the kids were small, but definitely worth mentioning. Very soft products, but quite a bit of perfume present. Our children did not react to the perfume in their products.

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Be sure to let us know if you know any products and/or brands yourself.


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