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A new week, a new diary. A short one this time, because even though it wasn’t a very busy week, I didn’t take many pictures…

I was allowed to work on Easter Monday, so the girls were allowed to look for Easter eggs at grandpa and grandma’s.
Then cupcakes were made, the lucky ones.
I brought Easter eggs to work and received super nice reactions to them. I also left a few behind for my colleagues who were allowed to work Easter Monday 🙂
Easter Monday we were cozy at home. We started making croissants.
And of course they were eaten well.
Search picture 😉 I had hidden little Easter eggs in the garden and one is hanging above Aukje, in the ropes of the horizontal bar haha. It took her a while to see him.
In the afternoon we went to the furniture square to buy a new sofa! Yay! It has been ordered, now you have to be patient for another 14 weeks…
After dinner we played another game (a very addictive game I can tell you) and then Easter was over again.
Aukje and Emmi had a day off on Tuesday, and because Aukje was going to play with a friend, I took Emmi to the supermarket with me.
Then Emmi cleaned up the Easter branches while I was folding the laundry.
In the afternoon we went to visit my grandparents, where we saw a cassette tape. The girls didn’t know what it was, so we even listened to it (yup, grandpa and grandma still have an old-fashioned stereo).
Apparently I didn’t take pictures on Wednesday and Thursday, because suddenly it was Friday. A new soft ice cream machine at the Hoeve, which the ladies wanted to test just before dance lessons.

Saturday we went to the playground with friends and then the week was already over. There’s a lot planned for next week. A repeat visit to the orthomolecular doctor, a visit to the hairdresser, a conversation with a career advisor, two children’s parties, a walk-in evening at school, king’s games at school, me-time at a skin institute, three working days, three sports moments and a visit to the musical Misfit with Aukje . So busy again. Have a nice week again!

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